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  1. Tips to pick F&B location for your cafe

    July 31, 2019 by barbara

    When you are struggling to keep yourself sane in your 15-hour shift of work, avoid punching people with laptops that hog the tables will build self-control very well and also inner peace. Same goes to starting a cafe but before getting to that step, you will need to be famous that draws the crowd to your cafe. While you may think of opening a cafe near the Tre Ver condominium may seem profiting but it may not be as lucrative as setting up in the commercial area. Here’s how to pick a good location for your cafe.

    1.  Be sure to research your target demographic preferred hang out places

    There are two ways to pick a location and to decide which to use, you will need to answer this question:

    Should you pulse olive oil when preparing wild Alaskan pollock?

    If your answer is anything other than “who the hell knows”, you are probably the kind of dreamer with dream cafe. Now, this is where you will need to your intended demographic and choose a location where they hang out and spend their time.

    Here’s a note for reminder, it is not moving to where they are but rather to where they hang out. With that being said, opening your cafe near school does not mean students will patron your cafe. On the other hand, if it is being their favourite hang out spot located 10 km away will have the higher chances to bring them to the cafe or restaurant.

    If your cafe is not the ‘dream cafe’ type, but more of an opportunist which you can turn it the other way round. For example, you spotted a place with lot of factories and workers but no canteen. This is the opportunity for you to set up a cafe that caters for the specific group like the yong tau foo, not some fancy lobster in some expensive sauce).

    2.  Ensure sufficient table space to cover costs

    Assuming you know how much you will need to make each day for your cafe to break even and even if you don’t, there’s really a good article: Really Bad Business Decisions and How You’re About to Make One.

    For the rest of you who do know what you will need to break even, here’s a rule of thumb: there should be enough tables for you to hit that break even point after the first turnover. Restaurants or coffee shops can count on multiple turnovers even if they are lack of table space because people eat and leave quickly. However, if you are running a cafe, you tend to get lesser turnovers and its because students sit around your space with laptops, financial advisors talking to their clients, or people hanging around for an hour or so till their appointment or movie begins. But then again, it’s pretty pointless if you intend to get twice more tables if you cannot fill up most of them.

    3.  Check the URA Master Plan

    If you are expected to stay in the area for some time, do keep a check on the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) frequently for the neighbourhood you are working. The consequences of rezoning or redevelopment can have a drastic impact on an F&B outlet.

    For example, considering what happens if most of your customers are from an industrial nearby and URA decides to tear it down next year. Even if there’s a replacement that can be meant two or three years without the bulk of your customer base.

    As mentioned in Point 1, your target customers may move or migrate around if the area is redeveloped. If a small neighbourhood mall turns into a range of wine bars, the students who were the intended demographic may leave. What’s even worse is that the new F&B outlets provide competition for the new customer base. You can treat it like a football match: where players run to where the ball is going to and not to where it is right now. Besides, if you are doing well, you can still blame the referee for the unfairness. Thus, be agile and flexible of your business, you can open up the second branch.

  2. Starting an online shop? Here’s what you need to consider.

    September 19, 2018 by barbara

    Starting an online shop is quite easy. However, it requires more than having an eye-catching website with the perfect theme. Just like any other business, you will spend more time planning and putting good strategies in place to have a smooth trade. Additionally, it is much better having an online selling platform than going the traditional way. Reason being you will reach a broader market with the help of the internet. Once you have made your site accessible by shoppers, then you shall have started your way to success. The following are ideas you should consider before starting an online shop.

    1. Choose your system carefully

    You should choose a system that is well known, has a good following and is best supported. They should be ones that produce quality looking shops which attract customers. Choose the best themes that will go in line with the products you will sell. This will make sure your site stands out from the rest.

    1. Pay special attention to SEO

    Having a well-organized website that lists the services you offer is not enough. Customers need to find you on the internet and browse through your information and products. This will, in turn, drive them into coming to your store. Search Engine Optimization helps products land the first page of internet search results. For you to improve your SEO, you need to avoid overusing the keywords, and maintain high speeds in your website. Also, carefully organize your site.

    1. Consider shipping options

    Offering shipping options motivate customers to pick more products from your site. Therefore, you can offer free shipping for local orders. This will cost less since the areas can be easily covered. You can also put a free shipping offer tag on a minimum number of items purchased. Moreover, you can subsidize the shipping cost on larger goods. You also need to take up a commercial van insurance from One Sure Insurance as it covers your goods in transit against damage, theft. Your haulier has limited liability in the event of loss of your goods.

    1. Expand page content with customer input

    Extensively share pictures of your products followed by short descriptions. Motivate the customers and urge to know more about the goods you sell to increase their chances of shopping. This will pay off greatly when you have offered. However, make sure you maintain a high level of honesty when describing your products.

    1. Run a newsletter

    A newsletter helps you capture the attention of loyal customers. This happens when you encourage them into signing up after they purchase. Through this newsletter, you will be able to get reviews from the users on the services you offer. You can also send them reminders on the availability of new products.


    It is certain that starting a successful online shop is not the easiest of works. Nonetheless, these tips should provide a solid base that ensures your online business turns out to be a success.

  3. 5 Reasons Why Stag Party Manager Can Become Your New Dream Job

    September 19, 2018 by barbara

    Event organizing is one of the modern-day jobs. In fact, some people have been able to make a living out of it. Event organizers deal with a lot of ceremonies for instance weddings, birthday parties, stag do activities among many more. As a result, it has led to the coming of stag party managers.

    These are people who fully engage in planning men social gatherings and for that reason, they are involved in every possible event from picking catering to choosing from various cool destinations such as stag do weekends in Amsterdam or sunny Benidorm.

    You can also decide to be a fulltime stag party manager. As a stag manager, there are a number of things you will need to engage in and all your efforts should contribute to the success of stag do activities and experience.

    #1 Choosing Cool Destinations

    As an event organizer for stag celebrations, you are expected to choose a nice destination. It should be a place where all participants will like to go and have fun. Such destinations can be local venues or well-known countries and cities.

    London does have some amazing restaurants and places to hold a stag celebration. Furthermore, stag does activities in London have always turned out positive due to the amazing activities to engage in. Some of these activities include visiting whiskey bars, speedboat tour, cycling and many more.

    #2 Picking outfits

    You will need an extraordinary fashion taste. This is vital in picking the right outfit for Stag events. Your choice of attires should go hand in hand with the stag event theme. The blending is important to bring out a lovely outlook of the entire event. Visiting a designer will be a better way of getting better outfit ideas.

    #3 Proposing lively stag do activities

    Stag do activities are responsible for raising the mood of stag celebrations. It is your mandate to find games, music and related activities which will bring joy in the entire celebration. As the event manager, you should not allow any boredom to set in. It is bound to lower the mood of participants hence negatively impacting your career.

    #4 Restaurants, foods, and drinks

    No doubt while out for a stag retreat, people will need to eat and drink. You need to have in mind a perfect restaurant to deal with this demand. First of all, the restaurant should be able to hold all the visitors. No single person should be left out due to insufficient space. The choice of drinks and delicacies must be of the right standard. As the organizer, you will need to be extra careful.

    #5 Why a stag manager

    This is one of the most flexible jobs around. You can handle it alongside your daily economic activities. Mostly, stag do celebrations occur during weekends. This leaves you with plenty of time to engage in other income generating jobs.

    Stag management will give you exposure. Considering you will have to move from one place to another, you will be exposed to various cultures and countries. This exposure increases your knowledge and allows you to meet new friends.


    There are a lot of reasons why you need to consider being a stag manager. Furthermore, its job description is interesting and full of fun. It might be what you need to earn a living.

  4. Gift Tags for Jam Jars

    February 15, 2012 by barbara

    A good friend of mine loves to bake and she has been baking all kinds of cakes and cookies for her friends and family.  Last Christmas, she decided to embark on a little business by baking fruit cakes and gingerbread cookies.   All her bakes were snapped up in a very short time.  This shows how good she is at baking huh?  She gave me a piece of fruit cake and a jar of cookies.  They were heavenly.  I can still imagine the taste of rum from the fruitcake when I took a bite.  Recently, she is into making jams and have made quite a number of marmalade.  Since everyone loves her jam, she intends to make other types of fruit jams to sell.

    Since I love to create my own gift tags, I told my friend that I would love to do some jam jar tags for her.  I am thinking of using twines and brown paper / kraft paper to create the tags.  I have a few ideas on how to design the tags.  It is going to be fun and I cannot wait to start.  I hope my friend’s baking business will continue to grow and soon she may need to get some rack cards to promote her business.

    jam jar

    image via

  5. Fun Schticks To Cure Bad Days

    October 24, 2009 by barbara


    Don’t you just hate bumping into some jerks on the road who tailgate, or driving really slow on the fast lane because they were busy yakking on the mobile phone?   Don’t hold back your frustration.  Give them a piece of your mind with this Cure for Road Rage Schticks from  Flash them these schticks which feature sentiments such as “Shame On You”,  “Are You Drunk” and even THE Finger.  These double-sided signs come in a set of 10.   Also available are Work Schticks such as “This Sucks”, “I Quit” and “I’m Bored” to help you relieve your frustration towards your boss.  A friend of mine has been waiting for her social security disability insurance for over  6 months now and I know she would love to release her angst with a “Give Me My Money Now” schtick.


  6. No More Interruptions

    October 22, 2009 by barbara

    Do you feel irritated when you have a deadline to meet or when you are on the phone trying to get an insurance quote but your co-worker is standing around, talking about his/her family or just idle chit-chat?  Well, you can now put a stop to this in a humourous and yet professional way.  You can install CubeGuard at your cubicle or entryways.  Once installed, just pull a “Please Do Not Disturb” banner to the opposite side of your entryway/cubicle.  You can even choose your own designs and customized your message.  Check out for more information.