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  1. How To Wear Bermuda Shorts In Summer And Fall

    August 3, 2020 by barbara

    One of the most trendy looks of the moment is the Bermuda shorts.  These long shorts are making a huge comeback and can be styled in the cutest ways.  There is the super-casual sweats version to highly tailored versions that can be worn to work or a night out. For summer and fall,  Bermuda shorts are one of the best new pieces to add to your wardrobe this year. They are flattering and easy to wear.  Just check out the great inspiration below!

    Bermuda shorts with a shirt

    With a blouse

    Bermuda shorts with a T-shirt

    Bermuda shorts with a tank top

    With a blazer/jacket

    Bermuda shorts with a sweater

  2. The Trendiest Tee You Need Right Now

    July 27, 2020 by barbara

    The classic combo of a good quality tee and a great pair of jeans is unbeatable and it is what we all wish we could be wearing at all times. Perfectly effortless yet totally comfortable, the jeans-and-tee outfit combo will never go out of style.  So want to know what is the best T-shirt to wear with jeans this season?  It is none other than the Muscle Tee.  This great closet piece has been filling up the IG feeds.  The muscle tee is structured and padded and will replace your basic white t-shirt because of its style and versatility.  You can wear it with your favorite jeans, and you will achieve a basic but trendy outfit.

    When you wear a muscle tee, tuck in its oversized silhouette for this trendy look. Go with one that has padded shoulders for the highest visual impact, or choose a simpler version. Pair your muscle tee with loose jeans or pants, slim-leg pants, joggers, or even Bermuda shorts!  Scroll ahead for some fashion inspiration.

    Muscle tee with loose denim

    Muscle tee with pants

    With bermuda shorts

  3. Tailored Shorts Trend For 2020

    July 23, 2020 by barbara

    Fashion trends come and go, but shorts will forever be a summertime staple. Last year, the bike short was still having a moment, but this season there is a new fresh short style that is seen all over Spring 2020 runways. It is the tailored shorts and yes, it has returned. You do not even need to go into the office to wear this trend. These tailored shorts are a more summer-friendly alternative to the classic pantsuit.  When teamed with a blazer and mules, it feels incredibly chic and will take you anywhere.  Check out some of the shorts we are loving right now.

    Wide Bermuda shorts - Powder beige - Ladies | H&M 1

    Wide Bermuda Shorts from H&M

    Tailored shorts - Powder pink - Ladies | H&M 1

    Tailored shorts from H&M

    Belt crepé shorts - General plane

    Belt Crepe Short from Mango

    A pair of well-fitted, perfectly tailored shorts will take you a long way this season.

  4. Hottest Prom Dresses Trend 2020

    July 23, 2020 by barbara

    One of the most important events of a high schooler is the prom.  It is the dance event that juniors and seniors are waiting for as it signifies the end of high school.  It is indeed an exciting time for young women to express themselves, so choosing the right dress that reflects who they are is very important. Everyone wants to make it special, memorable and absolutely perfect.   There is nothing better than searching for the most unique prom ideas and spending hours with your best friends, going through style ideas, and picking the best outfit. Dressing up to look the best with tiaras, gowns and tuxedos are going to be on the mind of everyone.

    Are you dying to look for the prom dress that no one else has ?  Well, look no further than Yes babyonline .  This online retailer has an amazing range of prom dresses to fit every girl’s personal style. Their fabulous dresses which include everything from sophisticated long prom dresses to short party dresses for prom.  It is very easy to shop at this online store as you can choose dresses according to color and design.  It makes it easier for you to narrow down your search.

    Have you got a collection of ideas plucked from your favorite Pinterest board or came across certain designs from top prom designers? Well, no worries because Yes babyonline has the most popular styles and hottest trends for prom.

    Lace Appliques Sheath Prom Dresses | Long Spaghetti-Straps Evening Gowns

    This lace sheath dress is perfect for those who are into a minimalist design.

    Who doesn’t like a sexy black dress?

    Keep the night fun and flirty with this blue number.

    So hurry and check out the cheap prom dresses from Yes babyonline for the hottest prom dresses in 2020 and have the most memorable time of your life.

  5. One Of The Most Versatile Item In The Wardrobe

    July 22, 2020 by barbara

    Trends come and go, but denim is forever. Don’t you agree? When everything else in your closet lets you down, you can still depend on your favorite pair of jeans to make you feel good. Denim is timeless and so versatile too.  It looks great no matter how you style it, from the most basic of trends.   However, despite its being so versatile, choosing the right denim is a personal experience. Everyone has a specific fit, wash, and brand they like most. From skinny jeans, mom jeans to wide-legged jeans, there are so many different styles to choose from.  The question is, just how do we wear them?  Let’s turn to for some inspiration.

    Straight crop jeans - General plane

    Denim on denim.  Crop jeans with denim jacket and heeled sandal.

    Straight high waist jeans - General plane

    High-waist denim with long-sleeved button-down shirt.

    Buttons skinny high waist jeans - General plane

    Skinny high-waist jeans with a one-shoulder blouse

    Wide leg high waist jeans - General plane

    Wide-legged pants with t-shirt and slides

    Denim Bermuda shorts - General plane

    Denim bermuda shorts with shirt

    Faded Mom-fit jeans - General plane

    Faded mom-jeans with sweater

  6. Which Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    July 16, 2020 by barbara

    So you have found the best pair of jeans that fit you like a glove.  We all know how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that give you the best fit.  Now that the hard part is over, it is time to start thinking on the ways you can style them, season after season. First on the list is – What shoes to wear with your favorite denim?  Every denim style has its perfect footwear mate.  Read on to see the exact shoes to wear with every pair of jean style, from overalls to bootleg.

    woman wearing jeans with black coat and black boots

    Flares and heels are two items that lengthen the look of the leg and they are also perfect companions.   A solid block heel can provide that little extra bit of height you need to avoid a trip to the tailor.

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, Jeans, Human, and Person

    Overalls are usually closely associated with childhood but they still look amazing on adults. You can style them with a sophisticated pair of heels for a dressier (and more grown-up) feel.

    woman wearing cropped jeans with loafers

    A laid-back design like kick-flare jeans should be styled with an equally easy shoe such as slip-on sneakers, loafers, or mules.

    woman wearing wideleg jeans with blazer and kitten heels

    When it comes to an eye-catching silhouette like a pair of denim culottes, a pair of eye-catching kitten heels will do the trick.

    woman wearing jeans with white sneakers

    The easiest way to match your favorite pair of skinny jeans? With a pair of statement dad sneakers. The crop puts all the attention on the footwear, letting you show off the shoe.

    (images via whowhatwear)

  7. Best Clearance Sales This Summer

    July 15, 2020 by barbara

    Did someone say SALE?! That is probably one of the most favorite words for shoppers.  Researches have shown that sale-obsessed shoppers ultimately spend more money than non-sale shoppers. Shoppers are fixated on deals and discounts.  Also women enjoy shopping more than men.  Women shop more when emotions, both positive and negative, are running high.  Positive emotions like feeling good can also trigger an urge to shop.  Women indulge in retail therapy because it helps them to destress and make them happy.

    “I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes.” That is a common refrain you will hear from a woman. So if you are looking to give your wardrobe an update but do not want to dig deep into your pockets, then you must check out the clearance ( section on  This online fashion retailer has markdowns that are an absolute steal.  You can snag tons of deals on dresses, tops, skirts and more in their clearance section.  Scroll down to see some of its best buys that you must add to your cart.

    Chic Prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits

    Floral prints are also a perennial favorite.  Grab this chic prints Spaghetti Zipper Two-piece Swimsuits for only $5.49 (

    Dresses are always on-trend and look great on every body type. Look for off-shoulder and flounce details for the perfect contemporary touch such as this short and chic off-shoulder dress ( at $21.99.

    An elegant strapless evening dress that can double up as a bridesmaid dress ( for $36.31.

    You do not have to spend a ton to look great. When you are smart about buying during sales and clearances, you can dress the same as your friends, only for a much cheaper price. This is the best way to stay in the loop without completely busting your budget.  Shop all your favorite picks at can’t miss prices at Babyonlinedress (

  8. The Necklace Trend That Every Jewelry Fan Should Have

    July 13, 2020 by barbara

    After months of bundling up in turtlenecks, it is time for your neck to see some sun again.  The warm weather is a great time to give your necklace collection a refresh.  Everyone has different tastes in jewelry, some prefer gold while others swear by silver.  Then there are others who might love to mix and match bright colors.  However, one thing we can probably all agree on is that it definitely completes any outfit. There is nothing like a statement necklace to take your ensemble to the next level.

    Do you want to know what is the necklace trend that is everyone is wearing now?  Well, do read on and get ready to bling out your outfits with these pretty pieces from Dazzleluna.

    At this point in time, it is clear to see that the seashell trend is back and not going anywhere.  And now, this style is bigger than ever. But if you are looking for a fresh way to wear these necklaces, opt for pieces that read less “beach day” and more polished.

    Gold Chunky Sea Shell Layered Chain Necklace for Travel

    Gold Chunky Sea Shell Layered Chain Necklace

    This ‘It’ accessory has risen above the rest. You have probably seen it all over your Instagram feed, right? If you have not bought a chunky chain necklace, then you may add one to your shopping cart, like, right now.

    Chunky Choker Chain Necklace

    Vintage-inspired trends continue to gain momentum especially on the runways where interesting pearl updates were noted such as this pearl layered vintage necklace.

    Vintage Pearls Line Necklace Layer Back Necklace for Wedding

    Fret not – there is no need to retire your coin necklaces yet. However, this year, fashion girls are layering their medallion pendants rather than just wearing one.

    Boho Cross Pendants Multilayer Necklace for Beach

    Boho Multi Layer Pendant Necklace

    Jewelry such as necklaces and earrings are the perfect way to spice up a simple outfit. It is literally the icing on the cake, and by paying attention to jewelry trends and implementing them can make you appear way more stylish.

  9. Best Place To Buy Cloak For Cosplay

    July 12, 2020 by barbara

    Cosplay is actually costume play and people who cosplay dress in costumes to role-play characters from their favorite movies, TV shows, books, comics and video games.  When a cosplayer chooses a particular costume, they are often tapping into a specific character or even a combination of characters because there is something about that role speaks to them personally.  Cosplay fans invest a considerable time, money and effort into creating a character which include accessories, costumes, hair or even body prosthetic. Do you know what inspires them to reinvent themselves so elaborately?  Studies have revealed that cosplayers find it very enticing and rewarding to dress up.  Wearing a costume allows a person to tap into confidence they did not know they had, and it also helps them overcome shyness in real life.

    Every year, there are many cosplay events around the globe.  It is the chance for fans to celebrate the Japanese animation and pop culture.  Many have indulged their creativity and imagination when it comes to creating costumes that are made to be noticed.  If you are preparing yourself for next year’s event, well look no further than Menweisi, a leading online retailer with a range of formal suits, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, special event dresses, business suits for men and women, and even bathrobes along with bedding products.   Check out below some of their cloak collection.

    This long white Velvet Hooded Cape is perfect for a variety of dress-up occasions. You can wear to your favorite Cosplay, Halloween, Role Playing, Gothic, Steampunk, Renaissance, Medieval, Masquerade, or Ritual event! Made from high quality velvet, this cloak features a fully lined hood and can be tied at the neck. Available in a range of color combinations and sizes.


    This velvet purple cloak with satin lining adds an easy resplendence to your next Cosplay look.  It is is available in a range of sizes. Perfect for any costume parties, role play, Halloween photos and more.

    Costuming is exciting and beautiful.  It is also a fun hobby that is incredibly creative.  At Menweisi, they have you covered from head to toe with costume capes and robes for adults. You do not even need to spend time to DIY your own cloak.  Just order from Menweisi and you are all set. Its website is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Their prices are very affordable too.

  10. The Quickest Way To Give Your Outfit An Update

    July 10, 2020 by barbara

    If you are tired of your day to day outfits, there is no need to start shopping for new ones just yet.  All you need are the right accessories.  The most basic outfits can be totally transformed with a few key pieces.   Want to know what’s hot in 2020?  It is none other than the chain necklace.  It is the jewelry trend that you will wear with all your outfits. With the right chunky necklace, your blazer/dress/sweater looks even more stylish.

    Oversize gold chokers and lucite necklaces ruled the necks of models in the spring and fall 2020 shows. If you are going out.  The chunky chains, which come in bracelet forms too, work equally as well for the office, when you need an easy style hack to dress up a sweater and jeans. So you don’t have to wait a minute longer to shop. After all, your outfit is in need of new accessories.  Check out below on some inspiration on how to wear the chunky chain necklace.


    Jewelry Trends Spring 2020 | POPSUGAR Fashion