Camper Van Toaster

Who doesn’t like a great start to the day by having a hearty breakfast in the morning or waking up to the beautiful sunshine in the back of a classic camper van?  Well if you would like to have your breakfast in the comfort of your own home instead of the outdoor, you can now enjoy a delicious slice of buttered bread straight out of this vintage style Camper Van Toaster.  This handsome two-slice toaster, with variable heat settings is a great way to add a splash of vintage charm to any kitchen.  Available at


Cheeseboard I Heart

Loving this ‘Cheesse glorious Cheese’ cheeseboard from Will and Glory.  Such a stylish way to slice your favourite cheese.  Do you know what I like about this cheeseboard?  It’s the pub chalk-and-blackboard style in hand-lettered print that vowed me.  If you don’t know by now, I love everything that is chalkboard style.


Transport The Cakes In Style

So I was at a friend’s house last weekend for a little get-together. We brought food over for dinner as it was a pot-luck night. Besides enjoying the good food, we were also entertained by the hostess son. There is nothing more enjoyable than a night with good friends, food and music. One of my friends baked some cakes and she used this lovely CakeBox to safely carry her cakes to the house. It is a reusable cake box that can carry up to 10 cakes. I love it!  She got it from PieBox.

Green Food Bag

If you are fond of using paper food bags, then you may want to take a look at Foodbag from  It is 100% reusable  and is made of BPA-Free silicone.  FoodBag is dishwasher safe and can be rolled for more compact storage.  A very practical and gorgeous alternative to the large and bulky lunchbox.

Keep Your Pies Safe

So the other day I was invited to my friend’s restaurant/bar for a little gathering.  Her partner wanted to try out the exciting dukoff tenor mouthpiece at wwbw since he plays there every weekend.  The get-together was fun.  There was good food and good music.  Another friend came with a pie she had baked earlier.  I really love the box she used to transport the pie.  She got it from  It is a nifty handcrafted and reusable raw pine box which is designed to transport the pie safely and stylishly.   If you are serious about your pies, perhaps you may want to get one too.

Reusable Food Storage Wraps

You can now say goodbye to plastic wraps.  Abeego Snack, Wrap and Square are natural reusable food storage solution.  They are made from materials that are biodegradable and sustainable like hemp and plant extracts.   These storage wraps are created in a 13-stage process and very easy to use and clean.   What I love about them are the colourful stitching on the sides.    Check out BranchHome for more information.




Want A Facebook Ice-cream?

Everyone is into Facebook right now. A clever designer just invented the Facebook Ice-cream dubbed “The Face cream”. The Croatian designer just turned the iconic logo into a lip-smacking treat.

It certainly looks delicious. Want to take a bite out of Facebook? Unfortunately, this is only a concept. I cannot wait for this to be real as I want to know how it taste like.  I hope the ice-cream companies are taking note of this.

image via

Stainless Steel Platter For Children

I have been looking around for a stainless steel plate for my daughter but to no avail.  It is so difficult to find one when you need it.  A friend told me about this cute Din Din Smart Stainless Steel Plate from  It has five separate compartments that prevent food from sliding or mixing.  Made from the highest quality food grade type 304 stainless steel and is stain resistant.   I like its kid-friendly fun shape.  Definitely make eating a lot of fun especially for picky eaters.




This fork, knife, chopsticks combination is pretty cool.  Known as ForkChops, this 3-in-1 combination are made of food-safe polystyrene and is dishwasher safe.  When you have ForkChops, you don’t have to worry about not having the proper utensils to eat your food.  ForkChops will have you ready for almost all kinds of food.  Available at

The Cupcake Wrapper

This week and the week after are going to be busy for me.  Besides helping a friend to look for a debt collection agency, there is a birthday party to attend on Saturday, Children’s Day at my daughter’s school as well as a Tea Party on the last day of school.  I plan to prepare something for the kids in school for Children’s Day and Tea Party.   After seeing the sweet cupcake wrappers at, I am tempted to bake some cupcakes and prepare some party snacks.  These cupcake wrappers are so stylish and are great for decorating the cupcakes.  Can’t wait to get them.