P’kolino Silly Soft Seating


Here is a great toy for children – The P’kolino Silly Soft Seating.  It comprises of three soft, sturdy and lightweight pieces that can be turned into seats and tiny tables for the little ones.  The P’kolino Silly Soft Seating is designed to support the toddler’s developmental needs and are wonderful for their creativity and gross motor development.  Available at Happy Chickadee.

Have Some Rocking Fun


Here is a rocking chair which I would like to have in my living room. A fun chair with lots of foot.  Designed by Paulius Vitakuskas and available at Gnr8.biz, this Ku Dir Ka rocking is a classic in the futuristic form.  This cool design features point-to-point linear rocking.  This is definitely not your regular rocking chair.  Made from plywood and available in two colours – red and black.  I can picture myself relaxing on this rocking chair, reading the article on adhd in children or the newspaper.

Unique Toddler Birthday Gifts

I have just been received an invitation to a birthday party today.  It is the birthday party of the son of my hubs’ business partner.   The party will be held in 2 week’s time.  I have been cracking my head what present to buy for the toddler and went online to check out some things.  I saw this cute Boost booster seat from Perpetual Kid and I think it is just perfect for him.

This booster is made of foam and is light-weight, soft, durable and washable.  Good for kids from age 3.  I find it really fun and practical.

Relaxing On A Beanbag

I love this unique beanbag featuring Marimekko Unikko Prints.  It is so colourful and definitely can brighten up any dull room.  This versatile beanbag allows you to express your fun sense of style.  It is made of nylon fabric and PVC coating which make it water resistant and stain resistant.  You can easily clean it with lukewarm water and soap.  I can just imagine myself sitting down on this beanbag, reading a book or weight loss supplement reviews or even lay back with a cool glass of frappucino.  Very inviting….don’t you think?