Beautiful Red Envelopes

I love this beautiful lasercut red envelope.  With Chinese New Year less than a week away, you can get a few of this red envelope and fill them with money for your loved ones.  It is a traditional gift for Chinese New Year.  Red is the symbol of happiness and joy, therefore red color is used for all celebrations including weddings.  This card design was inspired by the ancient craft of papercuts which is an original art form created in China.  Check out if you want to buy these beautiful red envelopes.


Chow Mein Anyone?

Check out this adorable and cute Chinese take-out container with fortune cookie haging from a silver-toned ball chain.  Great for Chinese food fanatic.  These pendants are hand-made from polymer & acrylic, and have little wooden chopsticks at the top.  The fortune cookie even features a little piece of paper coming out of it.  Each necklace comes with a cute silver “made with love” tag next to it’s clasp.  Get these yummy pendants from


If you want to add some fun in your bathroom, check out these cute Soapsicles. at Spoon Sister. These Soapsicles are the same size as real popsicles and come in clear bag with pretty ribbon.  You can choose from four different mouthwatering scents such as Chocolate/Vanilla, Rainbow, Pink Lemonade and Pink Cupcake.  Throw out the boring soap bars and get yourself some Soapsicles instead. They make great stocking stuffers and party favors. Be careful, don’t take a bite 😀

Dressing Up Your Apple

Tired of eating a bruised apple?  Well, worry no more because you can now protect your apple with an apple sweater!  These cute crocheted little cozies can also turn them into a lovely object d’art 🙂  Artist, Jacqueline Dufresne hand-knit them from 100% cotton yarn.  It fits most medium apples and works for pears and avocados, too.  Get a few today for your home and they also make a great gift for your loved ones or friends. Check out Curiosity Shoppe.

Funky Gardening Apron / Tool Belt

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves gardening, then do check out this beautifully designed gardening apron from  This funky tool belt oozes lots of styles and is also practical with enough pockets to hold everything one needs when gardening.  It has a zipped compartment to keep valuables and even features a specially designed pouch which is ideal for a mobile phone or MP3 player.  This well-designed garden tool belt fastens with an adjustable clip for snug fit.  It is also big enough to protect your clothes.  Also available in rugged brown for guys.  Perfect for storing tools and even work holding supplies.  Check out Spotty Gift Boxes for more information.


Renova Black Toilet Paper

This is something I would like to get my hands on….Black Toilet Paper.  A great way to add some class to the bathroom, especially when you have guests over 😀  These designer toilet papers are imported from France and available in a pack of 6, designer tube of 3 or individual rolls in organza gift bags.  How chic! I heard that they also come in red colour 😀

Wine-O Cards

Do you love giving bottles of wines as gift but are tired of using those boring gift bags?  Well, here is something unique which you could try when you next hand someone a bottle of wine.  These super hip and creative Wine-O cards fit perfectly around the neck of wine bottles.  They can be opened up for you to write a little note inside.  Works on champagne bottles too.  Wine-O cards come in many fun shapes and patterns. For more designs, visit