Great Idea For Chinese-Theme Wedding Or Dinner

Are you planning for a unique Chinese theme wedding dinner? If you are then you may want to get these really cute Fortune Cookie Placecards Holders from   Fortune cookies are a popular Chinese tradition with hidden messages inside to express good wishes and fortune.  The fortune cookie place card holder is a great keepsake for guests to take home after the wedding dinner.  Available in gold and silver.


Birthday Gift Ideas

My good friend’s birthday is coming up soon and I have been looking around for a gift for her.  I really like this cute Crumb Pet – Pig.  This little oink oink is actually a table vacuum that would clear away all the crumbs after meal time.  It is bag-less and very easy to use.  Just switch on the vacuum and the crumbs will sucked through a hole under the nose.  Cute eh?


Another great gift idea is to get my friend the AquaFresh ukf7003axx Compatible Water Filter.   Hmm..decisions, decisions.  I am sure my friend would like either of these gifts 🙂

Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag For Children

Ahhh…I just love these cute Animal Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag from Wrapables. Just perfect for kids to bring their snack to school.  I am sure they will love the adorable frog, monkey and cat lunch bag.  These bags have insulated non-woven polypropylene to keep the food fresh.  Get one now, err..maybe get all 3 of them.  They are just too cute.


Friendly Animal Lamps For Children


Oh, aren’t these the cutest thing you have ever seen?  These are paper lamps that are the right size for your children’s bedroom.  Sure bring a smile to your face when you see it.   These adorable animal paper lamps will brighten up any dark corner in the room.   A great gift for nursery or birthday.  Get them from

Coloured Toilet Papers

toilet paper

Tired of using the plain, boring white toilet papers? Well no worries.  Just get some of these coloured toilet papers from Remova.   Just like the colourful truck accessories, these toilet papers will brighten up your bathroom.  They also make great housewarming gifts.   The Coloured Toilet Papers are sold in plastic wrapped 6 packs or single rolls in decorative organza bags.  All 4 colours shown above are available.  You can get them at

Unique Gift For A Dog Lover

My friend’s daughter will be celebrating her birthday next week.  I have been shopping for her birthday gift and came upon this  cute cardboard Mastiff at The Conran Shop.   This realistic looking dog is a cool gift for a dog lover like her.  She has a poodle at home and plan to get another dog but her mom forbids.  Well, this cardboard mastiff won’t bark or bite, that’s for sure.   Made from laser-cut cardboard and comes flatpacked with instructions and diagrams for assembly.   I am still wondering if I should get her one of those pet beds instead.  What do you think?


Pineapple Corer To The Rescue

I love eating pineapples but I dislike cutting its thick skin. If you are like me, well, good news is here.  We don’t have to fret anymore with this Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer.  It works like a corkscrew where it peels, cores and slices a pineapple with one action.  Cool eh?  Now, you can enjoy fresh pineapples without worrying how to remove its skin.  Get the Pineapple Corer from


MarieBelle Signature Truffles

I just had some truffles yesterday.  My friend who returned from the States for a vacation brought a box of MarieBelle Signature Truffles along.  Boy, they were delicious.  The box contains 16 truffles and each has a unique and familiar flavours such as Earl Gray, Tea or Hazelnut.  I like the signature blue and brown box which the truffles came in.  I had a Hazelnut and a Tea flavoured truffle. I think I should start looking for some of the best acne treatment as I tend to get acne after eating truffles or chocolate. Must be the nuts.


Fun & Happy Tapes

If you are into crafty fun, then I am sure you will go crazy over these Happy Tape from  These lovely and colourful tapes are made from Japanese Washi Paper.  Happy Tapes are just perfect for decorating packages, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, cards, fancy labels and more.   They come in plains, stripes, polka dots, plaids, ginghams. flowers, bubbles and more.  My favourite are these tapes in Cherry Blossom colours.


Eva Solo Smiley Bowls

Check out the Eva Solo Smiley Bowls below.  Aren’t they cute?  Not only are they big in style, they are very functional too.  The top of the bowl can be used for empty nutshells when you serve pistachios or use to put wrappers when you have a bowl full of candies or chocolates.   These candy coloured bowls have so many uses and the possibilities are endless.  Available in red, lime, orange or aqua.   Check out if you would like to get them.