Vertical Herb Garden Planter

I am so loving this chalkboard vertical herb garden planter.  It is securely mounted to the wall and offers a unique and space-saving method to harvest fresh herbs.  It is also a great way to add lush greenery to the kitchen or outdoor area.  Just fill it with the herb of your choice and don’t forget to water it.  The chalkboard paint finish allows you to label the herbs.  Available at Williams-Sonoma.



Bamboo Serving Utensils

These Bamboo Dipped Serving Utensils from World Market are perfect for those who want to serve in style.  This set of stirrer, mixer and server features a cobalt slotted spoon, fuschsia mixing spoon, an orange spatula and a teal corner spoon.  Crafted of bamboo with dipped handles in pretty colours, they are inexpensive and adorable.  If you want to add a rainbow of colours to your kitchen decor, check them out now.

RSVP Slip On Pour Spout

You got to love this RSVP Slip On Pour Spout from The Kitchen Outlet.  It helps to make our lives easier by directing the pour of the wet and dry ingredients more accurately.  All you have to do is to attach the slip-on spout onto any thin-lipped mixing bowl, jar, pot or pan.  The slip on pour spout features a wide lip and narrow spout to make pouring easier.  It comes in assorted colours and made from dishwasher safe heat resistant silicone.  No more mess to clean up when you use The RSVP Slip On Pour Spout.


Useful Kitchen Gadgets

I just saw a few items at The Kitchen outlet that are very handy for the home.   I could do with a few of these items.  They will certainly make my life easier.


IMCG Plate Spacer.  These are plastic blocks that should be place at three different sides of a plate.  They help to pile the plates nicely to save space and time.


Norpro Apple Corer which features stainless steel blades that cuts into 8 even wedges.


Chef’N High Tailer Shrimp Deveinier.  This is just what I need because I do not like to peel and devein shrimps.  Just give it a simple squeeze and the stainless steel end would do everything in just one step.

Obol The Original Crispy Bowl


Here is a bowl which I would love to have.  It is the Obol Original Crispy Bowl which is designed to ensure that the cereal we are eating will not turn soggy.  You know how it is that sometimes when you leave the cereal too long in the bowl to attend to a phone call or some household chores, the cereal will turn soggy when you finally have the time to continue eating?  Well, with this bowl, you can enjoy your meal till the last bite because it has a little divider and a handle at the bottom to keep the milk or soup at a perfect angle.  This bowl is great for those who want to eat in bed or while watching a movie.  Obol is made from food safe BPA free unbreakable polypropylene and dishwasher safe. Well now I can eat my cereal while reading up on ach payment without worrying that my food will become soft.

Squeeze Lemons Without The Mess

I use lemons very often for my salad dinner.  While lemon is filled with lots of goodness, I do not enjoy squeezing it.   I get the juice everywhere and then I would have to pick out the pips.  Thank God for this Lemon Squeezer which I came upon yesterday.  A very useful tool for the kitchen.  It is available at With this handy Lemon Squeezer, you can squeeze the lemon without squirting juice and pips everywhere.


Reusable Food Covers

I was at a friend’s house for dinner last night and boy, did she cook up a storm.  I think I need some safe diet pills after last night’s dinner.  My friend was using a few of these Reusable Food Covers which she ordered from Amazon.   These amazing covers are really handy.  They are stretchable and are made from 100% food grade silicone material.  The food covers are safe for use in the microwave, freezer, fridge and oven.  Available in different sizes and they are also airtight.  If you want to save on plastic wrap, get a few today.


Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler

I came across this nifty orange peeler – Alessi Apostrophe from yesterday.  What is does is that it cuts through the peel and leave decorative marks on the orange.  The Alessi Apostrophe also features an ergonomic design which allows the hand to hold easily.  It is made from precision-cast steel with mat finish for easier grip.   Unless I work in a restaurant or I am someone who love throwing fancy parties and use oranges as decoration, I do not think I would get this cool orange peeler.  Would you?


Have Your Cupcakes And Drink Them Too


If you plan to have some afternoon tea or party, get yourself a set of these quirky Tea Cupcakes.  These cute Tea Cup Cakes are great for entertaining.  Made of silicone and are reusable, all you have to do is oil the moulds, put in the batter and stick them into the oven.  The Tea Cups come with their own saucers too.  Say goodbye to paper cake cases.  Hurry over to for a set of Teacup Cakes moulds.  I am sure they will make good conversation topic at the tea party.

Helpful Notes For The Kitchen

I am a big fan of sticky notes.  This is probably a sign that age is catching up.  I tend to forget things easily hence sticky notes come in handy.  I have them in my office and my home.  I really the Kitchen Sticky Notes from  It features a shopping list and cute notes for flagging recipes like “great for kids”, “didn’t work” and “too hard”.  I can also write notes and reminders such as “buy ephedra diet pills”.