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  1. How To Wear Brown Shoes

    November 8, 2017 by barbara

    Have you ever wondered how to wear your brown shoes?  What is the fashion faux pas?  Can you wear gray pants with brown shoes?  What about the color of the socks?  Well, here are some very good advice and tips on the color combination of your outfit.



  2. Birthday Gift For Fathers

    May 1, 2012 by barbara

    So while the spouse was fixing the corner TV mount in the living room, I was on the internet browsing my favourite stores to look for a gift.  My dad is celebrating his birthday next month and I thought I would get him a unique gift.  I like some recycled items I came across earlier.  There is nothing more meaningful that gifts made from recycled material huh?


    Ipad Case made from repurposed mail sacks.  Available at


    LP Record Clock made from neglected LP.  Available at


    BBQ Apron that is made from recycled fabric.  Available at