Vintage Outfits For Men 2022

Old music, books and movies are coming back into style this century and the same can be said in the fashion scene.  Trends from the ’60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s coming back in trend, especially in menswear. The vintage trend is making waves all over the world and offering a twist to the conventional trends.  There has been an abundance of mens vintage clothing trends making a big comeback. Vintage fashion has always influence the modern fashion design and menswear is no exception.  Some key trends throughout the past century are being used again and again to create a twist on the impressive bygone era.  Before you start rummaging your grandpa’s closet, it is important to know that in order to embrace the vintage fashion style, work retro pieces with modern ones and sticl to your own personal style.

Vintage clothing has a classy and sophisticated air to it. The vintage style still holds a charm that many fashion enthusiasts can’t get enough of.  In men’s fashion world, vintage outfit hardly loses its style. If you are looking to give your wardrobe a refresh with some vintage clothing, ahead are some of the best vintage treasures that you should get from Soinyou to treat yourself.

Vintage Polo

When it comes to picking a modern vintage outfit for men, vintage print shirts are the ideal way to go. Their unique, eye-catching bright colors and abstract designs stand out and give the ensemble an old-fashion aesthetic.



Looking for an effortless yet stylish retro-vintage outfit?  Grab yourself a pair of fashion overalls. Wear denim overalls on top of your favorite shirt or polo for a nostalgic vibe. To finish off the look, pair it with white sneakers or men’s classic converse chucks.



The Cuban collar is known for adding a nice accent to your regular polo. This type of relaxed collar does not stick out and stays flat on shoulders. More comfortable than oxford shirt, it is usually styled with the first button undone.  It exudes a laid back summer style.


Where To Buy Men Tactical Clothing Online

Many people often associate tactical clothing with law enforcement, firefighters, SWAT teams or the military. This is because tactical clothing are not exactly the everyday outfits that one would normally wear to the office or a date. Tactical clothing offer many benefits such as numerous pockets as part of their design.  This allows the wearer to carry equipment and tools comfortably which facilitates easy to them throughout the day.  Tactical clothing also offer protection against potential injury or weather in hot or cold climates. The reinforced pads, stitching and material can help to protect the wearer.

When people wear tactical clothing in public, it makes the person stands out sharply.  Tactical clothes are sleek and cool.  So if you are shopping for mens tactical clothing to give your wardrobe an update or you have an outdoor person on your gift gifting list, do read on to see some fine tactical shirts from Wayrates, an online retailer specializing in all things tactical.  Wayrates has a wide selection of the highest quality men’s tactical shirts, tactical pants, outerwear and more that are built to perform.

Tactical shirts can help the wearer maintain peak performance while hunting, hiking, training or even while performing missions. They are also very useful when you are heading out for work.  Tactical shirts feature rip-stop fabrics, easy access pockets that are expandable, concealed, reinforced elbows to protect the skin, button cuffs and roll up loops as well as special pockets that offer a fast, secure access to firearm when needed. These are the special features that sets them apart from normal shirts.

Long Sleeve Sports Training Top

Zipper Polo Shirt

Another popular tactical shirts is the henley.  The henley is far more than a standard T-shirt with a few buttons.  It is an ideal foundational piece to build any cold weather outfit.  Whether you want to rock it solo or use as base layer beneath the puffy winter clothes, the men’s henley is highly versatile.  You may want to check out the best henleys to buy from Wayrates now.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Fashionable Dads

Father’s Day falls on June 20th and this means that this special day is just around the corner. This is the day that the dads in your life deserve something special. Father’s Day allows you a chance to show your appreciation and gratitude. Actually, Father’s Day gifts are harder to come by because many dads refuse to say what they want.  Also, many men would get everything they want for themselves.  Finding gift ideas for dad is a ton of work.  If you are looking for fashionable gifts for the man in your life, regardless of whether he has got style or not, do scroll ahead for some fashionable addition to his closet.

  • Floral T-Shirts

Floral T-Shirts make a great gift for men who love flowers.  The trendy, breezy and unique mens floral t-shirts will make the perfect gift especially for a man who knows how to pull off florals. It is made of soft and lightweight polyster and is super comfy.

  • Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts have been fashionable in the past decade and have come back in style.  Father’s Day is a great reason to buy your dad Hawaiian shirts that are fashionable and comfortable to wear. These cheap hawaiian shirts have a base color and simple pattern that covers repeats over the whole shirt.

  • Shorts Set

Get dad something comfortable that he can lounge in all day at home, around the pool or a casual day at the beach.  The men two piece short set makes a great gift.

  • Silk Pajamas Set

A silk pajama set is the perfect present for the man in your life.  Nicely tailored and luxurious, the mens silk pajama shorts set will add some style while lounging the day away at home.

Whether you are shopping for your own dad, your husband, your partner or your father figure, the above gifts will definitely up his style game.  Put a smile on dad’s face with one or more of these plus size Hawaiian shirt or floral shirt that will quickly become his go to weekend shirt.

Cool Gift Ideas For Men 2021

One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is giving a gift that the receiver loves.   If you have a tactical fan in your gifting list, then you are in luck.   Shopping for a tactical guy is a lot of fun and there is a wide range of tactical clothing that makes a wonderful gift.  Why tactical clothing?  Menswear fashion has always been inspired by different sources.  Sports and outdoor interests play a big part in making men’s style what it is today and that includes the military too. The clothes worn by the military is based on uniformity and practicality.  Every piece worn by a soldier whether it is a pair of combat boots or camouflage cargo pants serves a purpose.  The military-style has offered the fashion industry with utilitarian inspiration. 

No matter if it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other occasions, here is a list of the best tactical clothing and accessories gift ideas for men that will surely inspire you for the next gifting plan.  

Whether he is a hiker or an enforcement officer or someone who just loves tactical clothing, this pair of army green tactical pants is designed for practicality, comfort and durability.  Features large pocket for all the must-have kit, it is ready to support all sorts of hobbies and activities.

Here is a breathable and comfortable fitted tactical shirt that will make a great gift for a paintball player, hiker, or outdoorsmen in general.  Designed for fast-paced, high-intensity activity.

This hooded insulated jacket is a great thing to have in the wardrobe.  Its stylish design and warming properties including its quick-drying windproof material make it an ideal layering piece for the cold wind and also as a standalone jacket in spring and autumn.

Camouflage is the go-to military print for those looking for a fashionable edge. Although it may not be office-appropriate, camo tactical shirts do work for smart-casual occasions like this camouflage outdoor tactical T-shirt made with quick-drying material. 

The tactical-loving guy will survive the harshest conditions with this waterproof tactical backpack. Durable, high-density fabric combines with water-resistant materials to keep the belongings safe and dry. Featuring heavy-duty zippers and double-stitching, this bag is very durable. The breathable, padded shoulder straps and back panel make carrying the load easy and the multiple compartments help keep things organized. This bag is the perfect gift for any man who enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, or trekking, not to mention, daily use.

Find the perfect gift for any occasion and save some cash in the process with tactical items from Wayrates, a leading premium online brand specializing in affordable apparel for outdoor activities.

Where To Buy The Best Western Boots Online

Western style fashion is trending now and it is time to jump on this fashion wagon. It is, after all, one of the universal favorite fashion looks of men all over the world. The western trend is a look that is well loved among many men. Not only does it look great on almost anyone, but this style offers versatility too.  You can wear from day to night, dressed up or down.

A pair of men’s cowboy boots is one of the most commonly thought about items in a Western style wardrobe. There are quite a number of men who have never rode a horse and yet own and look great in a pair of Cowboy Western Boots.   Why cowboy boots?  This piece of footwear not only is rich in history, it also offers a better sense of style.  It can be paired with simple clothing such as a classic pair of denim.

If you have an old pair of boots with you, it is time to wear it.  Well, if you do not have one already, then now is the perfect time for you to choose a pair of high-quality piece like the Stages West Men’s Cowboy Boots.

Anderson Bean Men's 13" Safari Giraffe Boot - Granite


This high-quality classic footwear piece is only for men who are not afraid to show their personal sense of style and will definitely last you for years to come.

Stages West Cowboy Boots are what you should check out if you want to add men’s western boots into your fashion style.  They have a wide selection of well-made boots that are lovingly crafted with care and precision by skilled hands. Stage West is your ultimate source for Western boots online. Start rocking that Western vibe now.

How To Wear Brown Shoes

Have you ever wondered how to wear your brown shoes?  What is the fashion faux pas?  Can you wear gray pants with brown shoes?  What about the color of the socks?  Well, here are some very good advice and tips on the color combination of your outfit.



Birthday Gift For Fathers

So while the spouse was fixing the corner TV mount in the living room, I was on the internet browsing my favourite stores to look for a gift.  My dad is celebrating his birthday next month and I thought I would get him a unique gift.  I like some recycled items I came across earlier.  There is nothing more meaningful that gifts made from recycled material huh?


Ipad Case made from repurposed mail sacks.  Available at


LP Record Clock made from neglected LP.  Available at


BBQ Apron that is made from recycled fabric.  Available at