Dress Up Your Dog On Your Wedding

Cannot imagine your big day without your best furry pal? Your dog is an important member of your family, so it is important that he or she witnesses you and your significant other exchange vows.  Everyone at the wedding party deserves a special outfit and that includes your pooch of honor.  Make sure that he or she is dressed for the occasion.

Not sure how to dress your dog? Here are a few questions before choosing wedding dog attire:

  • How formal is the event? How fancy or casual your pet’s ensemble is based on what your human guests are wearing. If it is a black tie event, try a dog tuxedo.
  • What is the theme or color palette? Try floral attire. Are the bridesmaids wearing pink dresses? You may want to get your dog one too.
  • What is the role of your dog? Is your canine serving as a best pup? Find a dog wedding outfit that matches the groomsmen attire. Is our pet getting walked down the aisle? Opt for a fancy leash.
  • What is your dog like? Everyone should look and feel their best on the special day. When it comes to dog wedding attire, it is important to find something suited to your pup’s body and personality. Pay attention to sizes, and if they hate wearing dog clothes, opt for something more subtle.

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The perfect outfit for a flower dog – a whimsical, checkered gown (https://www.babyonlinewholesale.com/sky-blue-grid-puppy-pets-skirt-lace-ruffles-dog-outfit-g15648). Again, the embellished design is pretty darn impressive. Who knew dog wedding dresses could be so chic?

This printed vest (https://www.babyonlinewholesale.com/cute-printed-puppy-vest-lovely-pets-cloth-g15652)  is super comfortable and sporty.  It is just the perfect outfit for your dog who does not like wearing any outfit.

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3 Things To Consider When Buying a Horse

Deciding to buy a horse entails a large commitment. If the proper resources to house and properly care for a horse are lacking, the animal can suffer. Before making a purchase, it is important to check out the boarding facility to make sure they maintain acceptable standards. If the horse will be kept on the property of the owner, the stall and pasture need to be adequate for the horse’s needs. Supplies and should be procured beforehand so that everything that may be needed is readily available.

1. Equipment

Horses need basic items like a saddle, bridle, wraps and blankets. Grooming supplies like fly spray and brushes are also required. Quality feed and bedding will need to be purchased on a regular basis. There is no need to spend a big chunk of the budget on things, as discount horse supplies are available from retailers.

2. Boarding

Many people who own horses board them at a facility near their house. When looking into boarding an animal, it is important to go there before any paperwork is signed to check out the premises. The pasture should be adequately fenced so that horse cannot escape and possibly become lost or injured. Stalls should be cleaned regularly, and the animals should always have fresh food and water available.

3. Care

A reputable veterinarian with experience dealing with large animals is vital to ensure the horse is as healthy as possible over the course of its lifetime. Horses need shots and worming treatments like just like dogs and cats. They may need additional care should they become injured or ill. Farriers are also required to care for the shoes every 6 to 8 weeks.

Owning a horse is a wonderful experience. It is important to make the relationship between the horse and its owner as beneficial for both parties as possible. Horses can live for 30 years, so it is essential to buy one knowing what level of care is required, as well as the expenses that may occur.

Where To Find Cute Dog Clothing Online

Dog’s fashion is a popular practice for many dog owners.  Many dresses up their canine companions with canine clothing and accessories especially during the holiday season and celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, parades and more.  Some pet owners even throw birthday parties for their pets and dress them up in cute dog clothing.

Dressing up your dog for the holidays, or any time of year can be a fun way to bond with your pup. If you have tried to dress your dog, you may know that they tend to shy away from clothing and accessories.  So how do you safely and enjoyable dress your dog, so it can join in on the fun safely and comfortably? When choosing an outfit for your dog, do keep in mind whether or not it is safe for your furry friend to wear. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of your dog’s wardrobe!

  1.  Make sure it is the right fit. Clothing that is too large or too small is likely to be uncomfortable for your dog and poses safety issues because when it is too tight, it might constrict their movement or breathing.  If it is too large, it could cause them to trip or become tangled in the fabric.  The clothes should be snug against its body, but it should still have a full range of motion.
  2. Add-ons, like buttons, pins, sequins and etc is a hazard. These could become loose and be a choking hazard for your pet. Your dog may figure out how to chew the accessory while it’s still on.  Make sure these accessories are securely attached.
  3. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton to make sure your pup feels safe and comfy in its new outfit.

Now that you know how to keep your dog safe and comfortable, you can start shopping for a doggy wardrobe that will make your pup the envy of the dog park and your family gathering.

Protect Your Pet From The Rain With Raincoats

Many dogs do not really need to wear a rain jacket or rain boots when going on their walks, but there are some breeds that would benefit from wearing raincoats, like short-haired dogs such as Boston terriers, boxers or French bulldogs.  This is because they do not have a thick undercoat to protect them from the cold of the rain. These dogs will appreciate having a raincoat as they do not really like getting too wet.  Even water-friendly breeds like Labradors and wire-hair terriers can benefit from wearing a rain poncho or jacket when it is windy and cold.

Many dog owners and pet lovers simply adore the way their pets look in their colorful and cute raincoats.  There are many cheap dog raincoats available that can keep your dogs dry and comfortable to wear.  Remember to look for raincoats that offer full coverage for your dog when you go for your favorite walks.  One of the best types are raincoats with high breathability material that can keep your dogs safe from rain and other weather elements.  Raincoats that offer reflective strips in its design ensures the visibility of your pet no matter where it threads.

Some dog raincoats are designed for moderate temperatures and lighter rain, while there are others that are more durable in heavy wind and downpours.  Owners who love dressing up their dogs before walking around the neighborhood may want to let your pet wear something that will make everyone stop to tell you how cute he looks while splashing in the puddles.  Colorful and cute raincoats are also aplenty for those who prefer more fashionable rain protection for their pets and to brighten up any drizzly day.

Raincoats increase your dog’s visibility, keep them warm in the wet and windy weather, and give them a boost of security if they are nervous about getting wet.  For dogs who refuse to go outside during wet weather, even to do their business, a raincoat can just turn things around.

Dog Raincoat

Hey pet lovers, have you been on the lookout for some raincoats for your beloved pooch?  Well look no further than this cute Anorak Raincoat from Wareofthedog.com.  Made from vinyl, this raincoat features 2-way zipper and velcro.  Pretty neat eh?  This Anorak Raincoat kind of reminds me of EntirelyPets.  So, hurry and swing by this online store and check them out.  There are many cool accessories available too.



Eco-Friendly Dog House

A friend just adopted a little puppy about a week back.  It is so adorable and the puppy is a Schnauzer.  She lets him stay inside the house and takes him for walks every evening.  My friend is thinking of getting this cute little home for her puppy.  This luxury doghouse features a solid walnut locking door and made with non-toxi, no VOC and 100% natural protective finishes.  It also comes with an optional dog bed that is handmade by Gamla using organic cotton fill.   Available at Gamla.ca.

A Rocking Horse Is Better Than A Pet

My 4-year old has been talking to me about getting a puppy for our home.  Yeah, she wants to have a pet ever since she saw my cousin’s little poodle during the recent Chinese New Year gathering.  I definitely do not think it is a good idea to get a puppy now as she still does not know how to take care of the animal.  It is not easy having a pet and it requires a lot of responsibility.  Guess she would have to wait till she is a little older.  In the meantime, I think this beautiful plush rocking horse could change her mind regarding a pet now.  It is a Rock and Trot Rocking Horse from Melissa & Doug and is finished in premium plush fabric.  It has a safe, sturdy hardwood base and a comfortably soft saddle.  This pony holds up to 150 pounds and is almost as good as a real horse.  However, you do not need to get any horse supplies for it so it is much easier to take care than a dog 🙂  I am sure my toddler will be thrilled to have this Rocking Horse.