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  1. Which Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    July 16, 2020 by barbara

    So you have found the best pair of jeans that fit you like a glove.  We all know how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that give you the best fit.  Now that the hard part is over, it is time to start thinking on the ways you can style them, season after season. First on the list is – What shoes to wear with your favorite denim?  Every denim style has its perfect footwear mate.  Read on to see the exact shoes to wear with every pair of jean style, from overalls to bootleg.

    woman wearing jeans with black coat and black boots

    Flares and heels are two items that lengthen the look of the leg and they are also perfect companions.   A solid block heel can provide that little extra bit of height you need to avoid a trip to the tailor.

    Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Denim, Jeans, Human, and Person

    Overalls are usually closely associated with childhood but they still look amazing on adults. You can style them with a sophisticated pair of heels for a dressier (and more grown-up) feel.

    woman wearing cropped jeans with loafers

    A laid-back design like kick-flare jeans should be styled with an equally easy shoe such as slip-on sneakers, loafers, or mules.

    woman wearing wideleg jeans with blazer and kitten heels

    When it comes to an eye-catching silhouette like a pair of denim culottes, a pair of eye-catching kitten heels will do the trick.

    woman wearing jeans with white sneakers

    The easiest way to match your favorite pair of skinny jeans? With a pair of statement dad sneakers. The crop puts all the attention on the footwear, letting you show off the shoe.

    (images via whowhatwear)

  2. Cool and Comfortable Sandal Trend That Is Everywhere This Summer

    July 13, 2020 by barbara

    We all know and love the puffy sleeve trend that has dominated the fashion scene in 2019 and is still going strong this season.  Well, the footwear trend is getting into the puffy bandwagon too. To those who do not find the thin, barely-there strap sandals comfortable, the padded and puffy range of footwear is definitely a welcome change.

    Though they look a little weird, the padded shoes are pretty cool and are more forgiving on your feet. Scroll ahead to see some of these puffy and padded shoes that are too good to pass up this summer.

    Quilted strap sandals - Medium plane
    Mango Quilted Sandals
    1 of 4
    Stradivarius Padded Heeled Sandal
    Sandals - Black - Ladies | H&M US
    H&M Black Heel Sandal
    Zara Padded Heel Leather Sandal

  3. The Most Wanted Sandals On Instagram Now

    July 3, 2020 by barbara

    I am sure you have been seeing this all-terrain styled shoe on your Instagram feeds recently. It is the all-mighty dad sandal featuring 2 flat thick horizontal lines. Yup, the chunky trend is back! The fashion brand that brings this shoe trend alive is none other than the iconic Chanel.  The athleisure shoe style is this summer’s must-have.

    Why is everyone falling in love with this shoe? First of all, just by looking at their shape, you can tell that they are super comfortable.  The Chanel Dad Sandal is a combination of chic and ugly and that is what makes them sophisticated in their own way.

    So how does one wear this sandal?  Wear them with jeans, shorts, dress or sweatpants. It can be worn with socks for a cool-girl personal touch. Scroll ahead for some inspiration on how to wear this summer’s must-have Chanel shoe.

    Chanel Velcro Sandals: the Rogue Shoe Everyone Is Wearing | Who ...

    With wide legged pants

    pin@tylerescobar | Socks and sandals, Chanel sandals, Shoes

    Wear it with a pair of socks

    Dad Sandals by Chanel are All the Rage.

    Shorts for a casual look

    CHANEL light blue denim velcro Dad sandals SS2020 – hey it's ...

    Match it with denim

    Looks good when paired with a dress

    Marie von Behrens @mvb Instagram all-black outfit idea: sweatshirt, tank top, Chanel bag, sweatpants, and Chanel dad sandals

    Black outfit

    Related image

    images via google

  4. Newchic Summer Flash Sale 2020 – Fashion Big Discount

    June 5, 2020 by barbara

    When seasons start to change, it is time to give your wardrobe be an update. But with tops, shoes, bags and everything in between, this new wardrobe can get expensive fast. Look for sales because this is a great time to buy staple items and classic pieces.  If you are planning to give your wardrobe a makeover and want to get your hands on some fabulous discount, check this out Newchic Summer Sale!

    Newchic summer big flash sale is coming soon. More fashion clothes, shoes, beauty and home decor has huge discount.

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    The big flash discount for this summer sale activity is:
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    A woman can never have too many shoes!.  Don’t miss out on exploring this season’s fabulous shoes with a great discount!

  5. The Flip Flop That Everyone Is Wearing Now

    May 28, 2020 by barbara

    As the coronavirus lockdown is in effect around the world, the demand for flip-flops has surged tremendously especially for Adilettes slides.  This is probably due to the fact that people find it super comfortable to wear at home.  Adilettes, the ultra-casual footwear are being snapped up more during this period as it is a favorite among those who work from home.  Billed as an ‘ugly chic’ pool sandal, they have been around for a while and are hitting the stay at home fashion scene in full force now.

    Celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid have been going out and about in the slides.  Fashion A-listers and editors have also stepped out in the sandals over the last few weeks.  This further proves that the Adilettes is the must-have shoe silhouette of the moment.

  6. Shoes You Need This Summer

    May 19, 2020 by barbara

    There is a huge variety of shoe styles for women in the market today. Female footwear styles are known for being fashionable as well as being functional. The wide array of women’s shoe styles can sometimes leave us a little bewildered as to what type of shoe is for what kind of dress style and when certain shoe type should be worn.

    There are certain women shoe styles that are more appropriate and practical for different situations, and certain styles of shoes will suit a particular situation or outfits more than others.  Do scroll down to find out the types of casual shoes for women to help you figure out which styles you simply must have as part of your wardrobe this season.

    Casual shoes are fairly self-explanatory.  They are the shoe types that you wear on a day to day basis. These are usually  paired with womens casual wear for a relaxed look. As some of us do tend to wear heels in the day time as well during the night, there are also heels that might fall into the category of ‘casual’. Comfier heels that are not too high, or wedges, might fall into this category because they are easier and more comfortable to wear.  Check out the most popular casual shoe types from Shoessee below:

    A wedge heel can give any outfit a more polished look without having to wear uncomfortable heels.

    If you are looking for a low heel with an ankle strap for extra support, this matte heel is perfect when worn with a casual dress.

    A pretty and practical solution to casual, everyday footwear. Mary Jane pumps are a flat slipper type shoe that are an essential item to have in a wardrobe.

    If you love some everyday kicks, check out this leopard print platform shoe.  Being comfortable never goes out of style, so investing in your sneaker collection is always a good idea.

    The ultimate summer shoe, if you are heading to the beach or pool this summer then minimalist sandals like the above are the perfect shoes to put in your beach bag.

    A strappy sandal, with a T-bar running down the front adds a touch of Grecian glamour.  Wear a pair of gladiator sandals with a maxi dress.

  7. Sandal Trends That You Need Now

    April 15, 2020 by barbara

    Remember the dad’s sandals, the minimalist footwear or the strappy heels last year?  Well there is a continuation of this trend this year.  However, there is a bit of an update style with pastel colors making an impact this coming season. Keep scrolling for the 2020 sandal trends that you need to know.

    Mango Platform Braid Sandal

    Platform or flatform shoes are not exactly everyone’s favorite but they are some sophisticated and stacked look like this Mango Plaidform Sandal.

    Topshop Nina Ecru Mini Heel Mules

    You may see most of this flip flop shoes during the warmer season.  Wear with jeans and dresses to the office or shorts on your holiday.  Topshop Mini Heels Mule.

    Birkenstock 1774 Milano Avantgarde Ankle-Strap Leather Sandals

    The comfiest trend is back again this season. Yes we are talking about Dad’s Sandals. Try Birkenstock Milano Avantgarde Leather Sandals.

    Charles & Keith Black Patent Leather Strappy Heeled Sandals

    The barely-there sandals or the strappy versions are very versatile. The above is from Charles and Keith.

    Mango Heel Leather Mules

    Pastel mules or muted tones are easily one of the biggest trends overall for spring/summer. Opt for light blue, green, beige or pink mules to give your outfit the 2020 overhaul.  Mango Half Leather Mule.

  8. Where To Buy The Best Western Boots Online

    April 10, 2020 by barbara

    Western style fashion is trending now and it is time to jump on this fashion wagon. It is, after all, one of the universal favorite fashion looks of men all over the world. The western trend is a look that is well loved among many men. Not only does it look great on almost anyone, but this style offers versatility too.  You can wear from day to night, dressed up or down.

    A pair of men’s cowboy boots is one of the most commonly thought about items in a Western style wardrobe. There are quite a number of men who have never rode a horse and yet own and look great in a pair of Cowboy Western Boots.   Why cowboy boots?  This piece of footwear not only is rich in history, it also offers a better sense of style.  It can be paired with simple clothing such as a classic pair of denim.

    If you have an old pair of boots with you, it is time to wear it.  Well, if you do not have one already, then now is the perfect time for you to choose a pair of high-quality piece like the Stages West Men’s Cowboy Boots.

    Anderson Bean Men's 13" Safari Giraffe Boot - Granite


    This high-quality classic footwear piece is only for men who are not afraid to show their personal sense of style and will definitely last you for years to come.

    Stages West Cowboy Boots are what you should check out if you want to add men’s western boots into your fashion style.  They have a wide selection of well-made boots that are lovingly crafted with care and precision by skilled hands. Stage West is your ultimate source for Western boots online. Start rocking that Western vibe now.

  9. Which Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    February 27, 2020 by barbara

    So if you are like me who has like a closet filled with jeans, then maybe you understand my problem. A big part of wearing denim the right way is knowing which shoes to pair with them.  There are so many different types of denim style like mom jeans, crop, flared, straight or boot cut.  I managed to find some effortlessly cool style inspiration on the best shoes to wear.

    A pair of clean white sneakers is effortless with skinny jeans

    Flares and heels are both items that lengthen the look of the leg

    Overalls aren’t just for little kids anymore—they’ve made their way from the schoolyard to the city streets in the most stylish of ways. Glam it up with a pair of heels.

    Jennifer Lawrence in black jeans and mules

    Mules whether flat or heeled, add that extra layer of cool polish to an outfit like this one. The best jeans that go with mules? Skinny of course.

    Mom jeans are jeans that are high-waisted and a little loose on the thigh area.  Just put on a pair of stilettos to add instant polish.  It’s an easy way to take your denim outfit from day to night, or even to the office.  Pair it with sneakers for a perfect off-duty denim look.

  10. The Only Heels You Need In Your Shoe Closet

    January 14, 2020 by barbara

    There are so many different shoe trends season after season that it is no wonder women get tempted to just buy the latest shoes that hit the market.  We all are guilty of this somehow or rather.  Now, there is one heel style that has stood the test of time and it is one that we all have in the back of our closet.  It is the high heel pump.

    Everyone from Zendaya to the queen wears them and this shoe style works with so many outfits and occasions and most importantly, many brands have cool new versions today.  Do read on to find out how versatile and timeless these pumps are.

    Meghan Markle in her Jimmy Choo pumps.

    Lily-Rose Depp in black Chanel pumps.

    Street style fun.  Check out these embellished pumps.

    Leather Heels from Mango. Don’t they look designer?

    Pumps - Black - Ladies | H&M US 1

    Black Heels from H&M $25

    Stilletto pumps from Aldo