Prom Dress Trend 2023

Prom is one of the most exciting time of the year for high school students. Touted as one of the biggest social events during in a student’s life in high school, it is an  extremely elaborate and exciting affair that is filled with anticipation, glitter, music, gowns, and magic. Prom 2023 will be here before you know it and this spectacular event is often prepared by students long before the actual event. Prom is an exciting time for young women to express themselves, and as such, choosing the right dress that reflects who they are is very important.

Everyone wants to make it memorable, special and absolutely perfect.  There is nothing better than searching for the most unique prom ideas and spending hours with your best friends, poring over the many pages of prom dresses.  There is an amazing selection of prom dresses online for those who would prefer to purchase their prom dresses with just a few clicks on the computer.

Shopping at, the ultra-affordable online retailer will save you money and you will still be the best dressed in the room.  You can always count on this prom dress retailer to keep you up to date with all the current prom dress trends. This leading dress retailer offer customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of event dresses at attractive prices. From sophisticated evening gowns to a stunning prom dresses, they have got you covered. You can easily browse its selection of fashionable and sexy dresses from their user-friendly website. Below are some of the cheap prom dresses 2023 that will make you shine and be the center of attention on prom night.

It’s hard not to dazzle in this pretty off shoulder front slit mermaid dress.

For the girl who wants something elegant, simple and yet makes head turns, this long sleeve prom dress is what she needs.

For petite girls, a long dress would make dancing uncomfortable and by covering the legs, it would make them look shorter. Petite girls would look great in this striking satin blue short dress. Choose a dress just below or above the knee for the best effect and pair it with high heels.

High-low gowns have been popular over the years but for 2023, there is a new to this classic look. Just like the name implies, high-low gowns feature a shorter hemline in the front that fills out in the back. This look is both formal and casual at the same time and you get to show off your legs and heels. The asymmetrical approach is very eye-catching and glamorous.

Trending Jewelry Trends 2023

Ask any woman and she will tell you that jewelry is always a good idea. An amazing pair of earrings or a gorgeous ring never fail to add the perfect final touch to your look. These accessories are the most versatile items in your closet that can be worn in all seasons.  Good news for fans of accessories out there as Spring 2023 jewelry trend is filled with lots of beautiful designs. From long earrings to stacked bracelets to modern takes on pearls, there is a jewelry trend for everyone in 2023.

Here is a sneak peek at the best jewelry for 2023 to help you stay ahead of the biggest accessories to wear before spring arrives. No matter if you are looking to give yourself a treat or to gift someone special in your life, here are some incredible, on-trend bling available now at Jeuliaoutlet that you will want to add to your cart.


Heart-shaped jewelry is always a good choice. Pair this charming silver necklace features a lovely pendant and shimmering white stones with a simple white tee and denim.

Jeulia Mom and Baby Heaat Shape Sterling Silver Necklace

Drop Earrings

Gold have dominated the fashion scenes long enough and now it is time for silver to shine. Flashes of silver were seen on the Spring 2023 runways so go ahead and swap your gold pieces for this cooler toned alternatives. Make a bold statement with shoulder-grazing silver drop earrings that feature three flowers adorned with small rounds and cultured pearl. This pair of eye-catcher is definitely an instant outfit upgrade.

Jeulia Flowers Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Maximalism Rings

The great thing about this style is that you can find pieces that compliment it, no matter what your personal style is. If you prefer minimal and architectural designs, look for pieces here with minimal to no stones and focus on the texture of the materials and the shapes. You can even stack them up to create your own unique combination. The cocktail rings will draw attention to your beautiful manicure.

Jeulia Irregular Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Adjustable Open Ring


Taking cue from the flamboyance of the 80s, rhinestone and crystal-adorned jewelry is the It look for a night out in style.  Opt for a scintillating bracelet to dial up your look and add the perfect touch to your wrist.

Jeulia Classic Round Cut Chain Tennis Bracelet

Love all the above collection? Check out for more trendy and affordable necklaces, Jeulia rings, earrings, bracelets and more.

Most Important Handbag Trends For Fall Winter 2022

Some people may think that the quickest way to get the wardrobe ready for a new season is to update it with the latest Fall 2022 fashion trends.  However, do you know that the key to embracing the new season and staying ahead of the trend is to give your accessories a refresh? You can give your look an instant update with well thought-out accessories like handbags. The best thing is that this season’s handbag trends 2022 are all about wearability and style.

As the temperatures start to drop, it is time to start thinking about your arm candy for fall/winter 2022 and give your everyday looks a much-needed boost with these must-have styles. No matter what your style is, there is definitely a bag to suit you in the new-season line-up. Scroll on to see the biggest autumn/winter 2022 handbag trends, then shop your favorite picks for each.

The Curve Appeal

One of the recurring theme seen on the runways this season is form and it transcends to handbags too. Curved lines are one of the most predominant style in the new collections. Check out the genuine leather crocodile bags in curve design with pearl and metal chains.

Party Bags

Party bags made a comeback in summer and looks like they are still going strong for Fall/Winter trends. After a couple of years of lack of celebration, who can resist a bit of sparkle especially during the the holiday season? So don’t be afraid to mix and match your sparkling sequin bags.

Size Up

This season, the bigger is most certainly better. Jumbo totes are in for fall so be ready to see structured and slouchy designs on your social media feeds.

Fuzzy and Warm

Fall outfits are all about being warm and cozy and it is not just the winter coats that are getting the furry treatment. From faux fur to fuzzy shearling, fluffy bags have been seen across the runways, giving every look a fuzzy feel. This cute accessory will add seriously huggable texture to the simplest of outfits.

Boxy Bags

A top-handle bag adds a feminine spin to any outfit and this season, designers have upped their sartorial game with chic vanity cases on the runways. These boxy silhouettes were spotted on Chanel and Louis Vuitton fashion catwalks. The structured shape make for a highly polished look and offer a fresh dimension to evening bags as we head into the festive season. You can find evening designs and also styles that offer other options such as crossbody bags or shoulder strap if you want to be hands-free.

New Finds From Zara, Mango and H&M That Everyone Can’t Wait To Buy

Everyone’s favorite brands – Zara, H&M and Mango have just dropped their new collection.  If you want to give your wardrobe an update this season, you may want to check them out. All these are very affordable and may sell out very soon. Also, you may be seeing them on your social media feeds very soon.

Zara Metallic Leather Bow Trim Flats


Zara Denim Corset

Image 1 of DENIM CORSET TOP from Zara

Zara Corded Collar Flower

Image 0 of CORDED COLLAR FLOWER from Zara

Super Comfortable H&M Long Sleeved Jersey

Long-sleeved Jersey Top - Black - Ladies | H&M US 2

H&M Knee High Boots

Knee-high Boots - Black - Ladies | H&M US

Mango Textured Knit Sweater

Textured knit sweater - Medium plane

Zara Choker Pack

Image 0 of CHOKER PACK from Zara

Mango Pleated Denim Skirt

Pleated denim skirt - Medium plane


Elevate Your Look With Expensive-Looking Accessories

Do you know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve an expensive-looking ensemble? There are special accessories that can make the most impact. The one retailer that always has the most luxe-looking accessories is none other than Mango. At this moment, it has many bags, shoes and jewelry that can are so expensive looking but very affordable. 

This Spanish brand has long been many women’s go-to for a fashionable look that doesn’t need to dig deep into the pockets. Ahead is every luxe-looking shoe, bag, and accessory that you can find at Mango no matter if your style is minimal or timeless. Happy Shopping!

Leather moccasin - Details of the article 8

Leather Moccasin – This shoe features a modern shape and subtle platform soles.

Braided design bag - General plane

Braided Design Bag – Love the color on this bag and it is so apt for Fall.

Bead chain necklace - General plane

Bead Chain Necklace – Chunky accessories make everything better

Top handle small bag - Medium plane

Top Handle Small Bag – Love the unique shape

Ruched baguette bag - Article without model

Ruched Baguette Bag – It’s a steal at $19.99! You are welcome.

Bead hoop earrings - Medium plane

Bead Hoop Earrings – Definitely not your average gold earrings

Buckle leather moccasins - Medium plane

Buckle Leather Moccasins – Doesn’t get anymore timeless than these

Mango Leather Braided Sandals

Leather Braided Sandals – Summer is still here!

How To Start A Business Selling Silicone Baby Product

Are you considering going into a business selling silicone products for babies? Congratulations on starting a new business venture and this can be a very exciting time. Silicone products for babies include teething toys, placemats, dishware, cups and more. Baby products made with silicone are safe to use because they do not contain toxic substances. The silicone-made products are also odorless and the dishware does not retain food smell after multiple uses. These products are 100% food grade and do not break easily because silicone is soft and flexible much like rubber.  They are also easier to clean and store.

Wholesale Food Grade BPA Free Silicone Feeding Set

If you are looking for some guides on how to start this business, here is a checklist of things you should consider.

  • Create a business plan 
  • Check the testing regulations for these silicone products
  • Find a great manufacturer that is reliable and trustworthy 
  • Place sample
  • Design your brand and packaging
  • Build your website or platform page

The Best Silicone Manufacturer

The most important step is to find a reliable manufacturer. Choosing a silicone manufacturer to partner with and create your products may be daunting and there are many factors to consider. Look for an established silicone manufacturer that has a positive history of producing quality products and has the right expertise.  One of the best silicone manufacturers that tick all the boxes is NewTop Rubber. They are one of the industry’s top liquid silicone rubber manufacturers in China. NewTop Rubber supplies high-quality silicone products such as mother and baby silicone range, silicone products for households as well as customized products for industrial and medical applications. 

High Volume Customized Silicone Baby Rabbit Design Teether

Why Should You Buy From NewTop Rubber?

 All their products are manufactured with stringent quality control throughout the entire production process of product 3D artwork design, mold making, rubber mixing, extrusion, molding, burr cutting to the finished product packaging. Their products are made using the highest quality food-grade and medical-grade liquid silicone material that can withstand even the harshest condition. By using a multi-category product mold that can quickly produce their products at the shortest turnaround time.

Newtop Rubber also offers customized services and they have a team of skilled and knowledgeable professional designers and engineers who can formulate practical solutions for your needs. Their products are well-trusted by customers all over the world. No matter what your silicone manufacturing needs are, Newtop Rubber is dedicated to making sure your silicone products are of the highest possible quality and they are here to help you scale your business. Whether you are looking for wholesale silicone beads, silicone baby products, or silicone household products, Newtop Rubber is your one-stop solution for innovative silicone with the highest standards.

Spliced & Vulcanized Product

Authentic Crystal Jewelry You Can Buy Online

Jewelry is a great way to attract attention and also to give your personal energy a boost. Wearing jewelry can enhance the look and make the look complete. Jewelry adds important qualities to one’s ensemble and has a positive impact on the way the person feels as well as her energy level. If you love wearing accessories, especially stones or crystals, you may notice a different feeling when you put them on. Some people feel better while others may not like it. It is a good idea to find types of jewelry that harmonize with you.

There is something magical about a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially crystal jewelry. Besides getting a boost from wearing something beautiful that makes you feel beautiful inside out, you also get the added benefit of the energetic properties of the crystal piece you choose. When you wear crystal, you can tap into its awesome energy whether it is for physical, emotional or mental healing. 

Best Place To Shop For Crystal Jewelry Online

Whether you are choosing a crystal pendant, ring, necklace or pair of earrings, crystal jewelry is very beautiful as it catches the light and shimmers. No matter your outfit, a crystal will add that perfect finishing touch to your appearance. The best place to buy trendy crystal jewelry is no other than Jeulia, a top jeweler store with an impressive range of affordable jewelry that is designed and handcrafted in their state-of-the-art studio. Every piece of jewelry is beautifully custom-made using only the most precious metals and finest quality stones to bring it to life. 

Below are some of the beautiful healing crystals from its Destiny and Luck collection that are beneficial to your well-being. 

Angel Wings Rose Quartz Pendant

This rose quartz angel pendant has a subtle rose hue is a beautiful piece that will help those seeking in contact with guardian angels. It is known to give out positive energy.  Known as the stone of love, rose quartz crystal is very powerful as it helps to open the heart and bring more love into your life. 

You can also get matching rings like this For Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Adjustable ring. It is stylish, elegant, and full of personality when worn by itself.  This rose quartz ring also vibrates an energy of love and light. It can purify any blockages in the heart. 

“Abundance Manifestation” Heartbeat Design Irregular Natural Citrine Necklace

When you wear a necklace, it brings attention to your head, face and neck.  A beautiful necklace around your neck adds emphasis to your action and draws positive attention. Citrine gets its color from traces of iron in the quartz and appears pale yellow to bright amber shade. It is focused on joy, prosperity and energy.  Wearing citrine will enhance your personal creativity and feeling of abundance. 

Besides crystals, Jeulia also a range of stylish and elegant wedding jewelry, beautifully crafted rings, earrings, bracelets and accessories. If you are into whimsical accessories, you may want to check out their skull jewelry that consists of necklace, pendants, bracelets, watches and skull rings for women. The skull design add a luxurious bold statement look. 

Comfortable Sandals That You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Flatform sandals have taken the fashion scene by storm and they are officially a staple among the fashion and celebrity crowds. Before you start rolling your eyes and picturing the sky-high platform soles or the sporty lug sole sandals that were the rage last summer, this season’s It sandals are slightly different. They are the subtle platform of two or so inches giving a subtle lift. 

Regardless if these sandals are lace-up styles or ’90s-inspired flip-flops, they are quickly taking the lead in defining summer 2022. Check out these cool and comfortable flatforms for some inspiration. 

Free People Vivienne Strappy Sandal

Free People Vivienne Strappy Sandal

Urban Outfitters Torrance Strappy Sandals

Ankle Tie Strappy Sandals from Urban Outfitters

Pair it with a floral ruffled skirt for a day at the beach

Mango Platform Leather Sandals

Mango Platform Sandals
& Other Stories Suede Flatform Sandals
How about some suede platforms from & Other Stories?
Arizona Love Striped Raffia Sandals
Raffia Striped Sandal is so much fun!

Trending Elegant Formal Gowns For Women

The wedding season is here. Your social calendar must be filling up with invitations. That being said, do wedding invitations stress you out? The reason is because you do not have anything to wear in your wardrobe that is fit for a wedding event? It is normal for women to start worrying about what to wear whether it is to an office party, dinner or wedding.

Well, don’t worry because formal dresses can be affordable and the best place to shop for them is at  This online retailer is a leading store that specializes in special occasions, bridesmaids and wedding dresses.  Ballbellas is focused on designing formal dresses, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and more with superior quality fabric.

It is not every day that you get a chance to doll up and dress like you are walking on the red carpet.  Therefore, you would need you will need to find a formal gown with a flattering fit and the right material to make the most of the chance when it comes.

There are a lot of options when it comes to formal gowns for women.  Take a look at some of the stunning gowns from Ballbellas below:-

Strapless Pink A Line Dress

Feel like you belong in a fairytale with this stunning pink dress. This eye-capturing dress features a slim-fitting corset bodice and satin material that will flatter your figure beautifully. A strapless neckline followed by a sexy slit will have you striking a pose all night long.

Pink Sleeveless Strapless Sequins A-Line Prom Dress With Split | Ballbellas Ballbellas

You cannot go wrong with a classic gown in a solid neutral like black. Make a statement in this gorgeous long dress. The one-shoulder asymmetrical neckline complements this fitted silhouette. The thigh-high side slit adds to the glam factor. The dress long hemline finishes this sleek look.

One Shoulder Black Mermaid Prom Dress With Split | Ballbellas Ballbellas

For weddings, especially daytime ones, this red midi dress will have you looking sweet.  This sequin dress is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline with drape sleeves. The pleated ballgown silhouette will give you the most flattering and charismatic appearance

Off-the-Shoulder Red Prom Dress Sequins | Ballbellas Ballbellas

Dark Green Puff Sleeve Gown

This enchanting dark green dress is sure to make you the center of everyone’s attention. You will sparkle inside and out in this gorgeous long gown made in satin fabric. This enticing piece features a puff sleeve that beautifully graces the bodice with gold lace trimmings.  It has an illusion high neck with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt parades dramatically in a mermaid silhouette.

Dark Green Bubble Sleeves Mermaid Prom Dress | Ballbellas Ballbellas

Memorable Prom Night With The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is the time of the year when high school students get all excited about this special night, which is one of the greatest nights of teenage life. The media has created quite a hype around this high school event that gets everyone all hyped up. It is a celebration of the completion of high school and also making memories with close friends before facing the real world at college. While a teen may want all of her friends to have a good time at prom, she would secretly love to steal the spotlight in a beautiful prom dress. Prom has always been the center of every high school corridor conversation. Therefore, to mark the best day of your life, it would only make sense to also wear one of the best prom dresses that are available.

Prom dresses are available in many different styles of gowns that can help you achieve this goal. The key is to find the style that looks best with your body type and to find the prom dress that makes you feel and look sexy. A prom dress can be an investment and a good one can be worn again and again at other events. Therefore, it is worth putting in some extra effort while looking for a prom dress.  It is important to shop from a reliable seller that offers beautiful dresses at an affordable price tag. One such online retail store is place is at, a leading online retail store that is well known for its high-quality dresses that you do not have to reach deep into your pockets. 

At Daisda, you can be completely covered from head to toe and still look jaw-dropping with the right dress. It has dresses tailored to hug the curves of your body in all the right ways to give you a stunning hourglass look.  You could wear a figure hugging mermaid dress that hugs your natural form and a bit of drama to the bottom of the dress.  You will find many selections of beautiful prom dresses that will make your night a memorable one. Check them out below.

Long Sleeve Sequin Mermaid Prom Dress

Make a lasting impression when you wear this purple number at your prom. The off-shoulder foldover neckline and long sleeves are adorned with glimmering sequins. The pleated form-fitting skirt flows to the floor. A front-side slit and train complete this glam look.

Daisda Mermaid Long Sleeves Sequins Prom Dress With Slit Daisda

Spaghetti Strap Prom Dress

This chic red gown will have all heads turned towards you at your prom. It features a sophisticated deep V cut neckline and thin delicate straps. The A-line skirt flows to floor-length with a subtle train and it also has a high side front slit. This gown will have you shining in all angles. 

Daisda Long Spaghetti-Straps Red Prom Dress With Slit Daisda

Off Shoulder Black Prom Dress

Have a major red carpet moment and rock this black prom dress. The captivating dress shows off your natural curves with its fitted bodice, a low sweetheart neckline and puffy sleeves for some added drama. The fitted corseted bodice highlights the curves and the body-hugging mermaid skirt and thigh-high slit give this gown the perfect sizzle.

Daisda Mermaid Off-the-Shoulder Black Prom Dress Split Daisda

Long Sleeve One Shoulder Prom Dress

This vibrant sequin dress will have you feeling like you just stepped off the red carpet. This one-sleeve dress has an asymmetric neckline and is fitted throughout the bodice and waist. The dress is adorned in shimmering sequined and the skirt showcases a thigh-high slit on the front side.

Daisda Long Sleeves One-Shoulder Mermaid Sequins Prom Dress With Split Daisda

Image –