Top 5 Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses from Alfabridal

Autumn has arrived and it is arguably the most beautiful season for a wedding.  The changing colors of the leaves make the most gorgeous backdrop.  When choosing a color and a theme for fall weddings, the fiery fall foliage is easy to use as inspiration.  If you are looking for unique dresses for your maids of honor, you may want to take a look at velvet dresses.

Although velvet dresses are good for all year round, they are particularly perfect for autumn or winter bridal party.  You can choose to have your squad in matching velvet bridesmaid dresses, or mix styles in the same fabric and color or even have a mismatched bridal party look.

Check out below, the top 5 velvet bridesmaid dresses from Alfabridal that would make your bridesmaids beam and keep them warm on a chilly day.

Burgundy never goes out of style and when combined with velvet fabric makes this ruched dress even more timeless and elegant.

This deep plunge neck gown will give your bridesmaids a dramatic look.  Do not worry about the evening chill because your bridesmaids can cover up using a shawl or a scarf as part of the accessories.

This half sleeved v-neck long flowing dress is perfect for a more traditional bridal party.  It adds a retro edge with the velvet texture.

This long sleeve v-neck dress is not only super flattering but it is also available in a variety of hues. The front slit seamlessly breaks up the long dress.

The flutter sleeve adds a touch of romance to this dress with a boho vibe. Great for those who are looking for a style with a bit of coverage but not too constricting.

The above velvet bridesmaid dresses are some of the favorite fall-inspired looks.  They are such a refreshing and welcomed addition to the typical color palette and styles of a fall wedding. These dresses are stunning against the natural backdrop.  If you love the designs, you will be glad to know that these dresses are available in

You can find 56 colors for bridesmaid dresses in chiffon, lace, tulle.  For fans of sequin and velvet dresses, there are 15 colors to choose from.  Alfabridal bridesmaid dresses come in size US2  to US26W and they accept custom order as well.  You may contact them for color swatch.  Their e-mail is You can also visit their website at

Where Can I Buy Cheap Wholesale Handbags?

Now, handbags are essential personal items for every woman. If you observe carefully, you will find that women will carry a handbag on every occasion, such as on the way to work, shopping, dating, and traveling. They may buy one or several handbags to hold things or to decorate clothes. It can be certain that women are the largest consumer group of handbags. As a smart person who knows how to do business won’t be miss the rare business opportunity. So, where can I buy cheap wholesale handbags?

As a businessman specializing in handbags, it is very important for us to find a cheap and reliable handbag wholesaler. The low price given by the wholesaler means that you can make more difference and get more profit from wholesale handbags. But the cheaper the thing is, the more trap will be. Thus, we need to choose the right handbag wholesalers extremely carefully. A reliable handbag wholesaler can not only guarantee not to suffer losses but also reduce a lot of trouble for stable long-term cooperation. Here, I recommend one to you that is is an online clothing wholesale platform established in China, having 10 years from now. The products sold include wholesale handbags, skirts, high heels, accessories, and other items.

In the past ten years, wholesale7’s consumer group has gradually expanded from the initial part of the region to the global market, delivering goods to more than 200 companies around the world. Now, wholesale has been harvesting a large number of regular consumers. If you are going to do wholesale handbags business, this is a good choice for you.

Wholesale7’s Main Business


Bags are one of the main sales products of Wholesale7 including bags of various styles, which can be divided into two categories: men’s bags and women’s bags.

Women’s bags include Phone Bags, Mini Bags, Storage Bags, Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Clutch Bags, Backpacks, Tote Bags, Wallets, and other styles. Men’s bags include Messenger Bags, Men Bumbag, Men Backpacks, Men Wallets, etc. In addition to having more styles of bags, the website also carefully lists recent popular styles for customers, such as PVC Bags, Personalized Bags, Crossbody Bag, Chain Bags, Straw Handbags, Canvas Shoulder Bag, etc.

The prices of these bags are mostly concentrated in less than ten dollars, and the price of a few bags fluctuates between ten and twenty dollars. The same is true for wholesale handbags. On the whole, the price of bags sold by is not high.

Women’s Clothing

Throughout the year, the sales volume of women’s clothing ranks ahead of other clothing. The most popular products on are apparels that cost less than $5, including Outerwear, Blouses, T-shirts, Tanks & Camisoles, Shorts & Hot Pants, Long Pants & Cropped, Printed Dresses, Solid Dresses, Tie Dye Dresses, Shirt Dresses, Bodycon Dresses, T-Shirt Dresses and so on.

Here, you can almost find the popular women’s clothing, which you don’t need to spend time and cost to analyze this year’s fashion trends. And the price of these clothes is the same as that of wholesale handbags. Like dresses, the very popular floral skirts this year are generally sold at less than $20. Whether you are buying a few dresses or buying in large quantities, the prices are very affordable.

Male Clothing

Although women are the main force in clothing consumption, the consumption level of men is not low. Whloesale7 provides customers all over the world with various styles of men’s clothing, such as sweaters, coats, jeans, sports pants, casual pants, shorts, etc. These clothes have the same advantages of high quality and low price as women’s clothing, which are very competitive in the market. Choosing wholesale7 as a wholesaler can not only get very high profits but also win the praise of consumers.

Children’s Clothing

Except for men’s and women’s clothing for adults, wholesale7 also operates a children’s clothing business. The sales types of children’s clothing include tops, pants, dresses, swimwear and family suits, etc., covering a wide range. Women’s clothing is the number one in sales, and then the children’s clothing can be ranked second in sales. For such a large profit, I guess you don’t want to miss this good opportunity to make money.

Advantages Of Shopping At Wholesale7

Good Quality And Cheap

Whether starting a company or doing a small business, what we care about most is how much profit we can get. The profit is based on the sales price minus the cost. If the price of the product you buy is low enough, the profit will be higher when you sell it.

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Fast Logistics

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the time has also become an expensive cost. When you see that a product is selling well, you want to take the opportunity to buy a batch of goods for sale. If your supplier’s delivery logistics are very slow at this time, your potential customers may be snatched away by others.

Wholesale7 has a complete logistics mechanism. As long as the customer places an order, it will distribute the goods for the customer within 24 hours. And in the shortest time, the products will be delivered to the customers intact.

Good After-sales Service

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Wholesale7 has a complete return mechanism, allowing customers to return after 30 days. If you think there is a problem with the purchased product, you can return it. Then you don’t have to suffer losses.

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Top 5 Cozy & Funny Kigurumi Onesie for Kids from Alfagoody

The current pandemic has many of us staying at home indefinitely with our family.  The lockdown has made everyone accustomed to wearing our favorite loungewear or pajamas all day. Once these were only for bedtime but now many children wear them for a little longer than usual.   Whether your kids are doing online lessons or just lounging at home, there is no better time than to get them to wear the comfiest loungewear or pajamas. If they are finding it a challenge to stay at home, wearing a cozy onesie can certainly keep them comfortable while bringing some cheer at home during this trying period.

At Alfagoody, you can find a range of kids’ onesies that are super delightful.  Below are 5 cozy and funny Kigurumi Onesie for Kids that you should check out.

It’s a jungle out there and the King of the Jungle rules the animal kingdom.  This super-soft fleece Lion King onesie will be a big hit with both girls and boys.  The lion king onesie looks majestic and will turn your child into an adorably fierce lion while staying snug.  It features a cute embroidered face, plush mane hood, floppy pair of ears and a long tail.  With a zippered center in front, the onesie is easy to wear and take off.  Its loose fit design allows easy movement.

This green toothless Triceratops onesie is made with the highest quality flannel that is super soft and comfortable. It features a jagged head with three orange horns, soft spikes running down its back, a soft green tail and a white and yellow chest to finish the triceratops look.

Your kid will want to explore the magical world of unicorns when she sees this cute and colorful unicorn onesie.  Made of polyester, it helps to protect your little ones from the cold winter nights. This unicorn onesie will definitely uplift her moods.

This cool black huskie onesie is designed for both boys and girls alike. It features a hood with realistic features of a beloved husky, a matching tail and a zippered white chest.   Made from flannel materials that are ultra-soft to keep your child warm during those cold fall and winter nights.

This adorable MashiMaro onesie is bound to be a big hit with your kids.  It has a cute face, long floppy ears and a matching gray tail.  Made with polar fleece material, it is super soft and feels like a blanket. This onesie is baggy which allows easy movement. The ankle cuff will keep the leggings from slipping.

Onesies are a fun outfit instead of pajamas or loungewear for kids to wear around the house. Eventhough this year is a little different and there may not be a trick-o-treating session, your kids can still don these onesies and have your own Halloween party at home.

Fall Sweater Trends For 2020

Fall is a favorite season for many.  The smell of pumpkin spice and sweet potatoes wafting through the air, decorating the home with pumpkins, and best of all, snuggling up in cute and cozy outfits. Nothing screams autumn quite like putting on a cute fall sweater.  Thanks to the amazing fall sweater trend this year, every woman’s closet is about to be filled with comfy knits.  If you love autumnal sweaters, you are definitely going to love this current trendy look. Are you ready to stock up?  Here are the trendy sweater trends that stood out above the rest.

Color Block Sweater

One of the biggest trends this year is color blocking.  You can choose pastels that will take you from fall all the way to spring or go for a more neutral hue like this brown and tan option.  

Quintessential Plaid

Plaid has been a popular fall pattern for years and this trend is not going away any time soon. This season, you will find many trendy variations of classic plaids on the coziest sweaters. From the iconic tartan plaid to bright colors that are not exactly your typical fall colors, there are a wide range plaid sweaters ready to keep everyone warm and fuzzy this autumn.

Chunky Dad Sweater

Made popular by Taylor Swift in her album Folklore, chunky dad sweaters will be showing up everywhere this season.  You can go for something more neutral like this grey knit or choose a fun and chunky statement sweater. 

Cable Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters have always been famous for their warmth and iconic style. Pair this dense knit sweater with flare wool trousers and ankle boots or layer it over a turtleneck.  You can also pair it with multiple outfits like a transitional summer dress to oversized boyfriend jeans. Find more  tops online to pair them with this lovely sweater.

Fall sweaters are the epitome of knitwear fashion. Not only are they cute, they are functional, too. There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft and snuggly sweater when the cold breeze hits. Nothing is as cozy as a fall knit sweater. From new takes on classic styles to a Taylor Swift-inspired design, these trends are here to make your fall the coziest it can be. 

Jeulia Halloween Sale 2020 – Skull Jewelry

It is officially the best time of the year with the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice latte whiffing through the air and cozying up in flannels.  This means that Halloween is almost here, well, about a month away to be precise. This is the time of the year where adults can’t wait to dress up in their favorite characters and party away.  Have you got your costume already? Whether you are wearing a Halloween costume or fancy a dress or simply celebrating occasion by adding a little Halloween touch to an everyday dress, then there are plenty of options for adding some jewelry as a finishing touch.

Trick or treat yourself to the most unique Halloween jewelry from Jeulia, a leading online jewelry retailer with a wide selection of stylish and high quality jewelry.  It has never been easier to find jewelry so cute it is spooky. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite Halloween symbol or represent your favorite candy, Jeulia is here to help you trick-or-treat-yourself!

Halloween is all about yourself because everyone has a touch of adventurer in them.  Scary and spooky Halloween jewelry is a lot of fun.  Black cats, skull jewelry, ghosts are all part of this fun theme that everyone loves this holiday season.


Dress up your outfit with a cat pin or some skull rings on October 31st and you can fit right in without having to wear a costume if you do not feel like getting one. Halloween earrings are also fun pieces of jewelry to wear. Get into the spirit with owls and gothic accessories.
Jeulia Floral Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Jack Skull Ring
Celebrate in style when you choose Jeulia’s Halloween themed jewelry. Their stylish and affordably priced range is amazing and anyone can afford a fun that piece that is perfect for celebration.
Jeulia Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas Sterling Silver Ring

From owls to snakes, silver skull rings like this Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas silver ring is a must! Tap in to that creepy Halloween vibe with this spooky and fun collection to match your outfit.

If rings are not enough, get yourself a pair of gorgeous Pumpkin Skull sterling silver earrings. This will elegantly show off your love of all things spooky!


Whether rings or necklace complete your Halloween look, Jeulia can help you make the perfect statement. With so many options to pick from there is bound to be the perfect item for everyone.

Insanely Stunning Boot Trends That You Need Right Now

Wearing a new pair of shoes can make all the difference to an old outfit.  We all love sandal season but there is something quite exciting about fall shoe shopping. Perhaps it is all the rich colors or maybe it is the return of our favorite booties to the rotation after a summer away.  Whatever the reason, we cannot wait to get back into our loafers and suede again. Boots and booties trends are arguably some of the most fun to play around with because they do not change too much from year to year. However, the 2020 boot trends actually give us all a chance to try out something new. Whether it be a bright pop of color, some metallic glam or whether you live in heels or slip-on all year round scroll ahead to find stylish boot trends and the best fall shoes for Fall 2020 to update your closet.

Your basic black fall boot just got a sick upgrade with these knee-high lostisy boots.  They have the coolest stitching to give them the perfect amount of rugged yet feminine flare.

The cowboy boot trend will never go out of style.  From boots with buckles to cow-printed mules, there are a ton of western silhouettes to choose from like the socofy ankle boots above.  Pair with black pants or jeans for a perfectly casual look.

Florals are often associated with summer and spring, but they can also be beautiful for fall. You could choose embroidered ankle boots with bold floral as shown above or delicate florals.  Pair this chunky heel pair with a black bodycon dress for a seriously sexy date night look.

Boots with laces have evolved beyond the typical styles since the last season. This year’s essential stompers, or platform combat boots, are definitely one of the must-haves of this Fall/Winter like the Camel Crown hiking boots shown above.  Cover some serious ground in these rugged bad boys and the best part? They look better with more wear and tear.  Check out more here –

Put your best foot forward and try out these key autumn boot styles. Now that you have got your shoe wardrobe sorted out for Fall/Winter, you may want to check out the African print wide leg pants and snag a few pieces to wear with your new kicks.

Hair Business Is A Profitable Business With Brazilianhairtop

A business dealing with hair is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s world, especially Brazilian virgin hair business because it is highly sought after by customers.  Many look for these hair type because they want to achieve the styles and texture that cannot be done with natural hair.  People also use wigs because they want to protect their hair from the effects of frequent styling.   Due to these, the demand for them are high and created a lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs who want to start the business. There are many wholesale hair vendors in the market today and if you are looking for one to start your business or scale your salon business, well do read on. 

We know it is not easy to find a reliable wholesale hair product vendor.  You can now say goodbye to inconsistent quality, bad customer service and prices that fluctuate.  Just check out  Brazilianhairtop, a leading hair manufacturer that offers a wide range of top quality hair products at the best prices.   They provide premium Brazilian hair that are made from 100% raw unprocessed Brazilian hair.  You can find virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, closures, and many more.  When it comes to service, they are unparalleled.   Customers’ satisfaction is highly important to them and that is why you will never see them compromise on quality.    Brazilianhairtop has over 15 years of experience in supplying wigs that are of the highest quality as they are made from hair of the highest grade which provides durability and the perfect thickness. Their products are extremely versatile and suitable for most kinds of hair. 

Below are a few business solutions which you may consider:-

1.   Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a simple method where the seller holds nothing in stock and only buys the hair from the supplier after the customer has ordered.  This is a very popular choice because the seller does not need a huge capital to start the business.  All that is needed is a good website and most importantly, a reliable hair wholesale supplier like wwwbrazilianhairtopcom to work with.

2.  Wholesale

This premium wholesale hair company can provide you with top quality hair products at the most competitive price, complete with the most exceptional customer service.   

3.  Selling From Salon

If you are a salon owner or stylist, Brazilianhairtop is the perfect partner. Just sell its premium hair extensions from your salon or styling chair.

So if you are looking for a great way to start your own business or grow your business but are a little tight on cash, then you must check them out.  They have solutions to help you with your business so that you can focus on your customers’ needs. 

Cheap Cute Dresses You Can Buy Online

As we start to move away from summer fashion and pack away tees and shorts, it is time to look to Fall.  For some, fall weather means the return of cardigans and denim jackets.   Do you know what’s trending this season?  Long maxi dresses of course. These dresses are having their moment for the crisp fall season this year.  As we transition our wardrobes in anticipation, it is very exciting to see the trends the runway has to offer.

Maxi dresses are the perfect pieces for those warm autumn days.  They are comfortable enough to be worn at home which is where most of us are staying put right now, as well as cute enough to style for other occasions.  Whether you are styling the sexy maxi dresses with sneakers, boots or heels, it is the ultimate seasonal must-have.  Here are some of the favorite designs in a plethora of silhouettes and patterns from Luvyre.

Go for dark tones to celebrate the fall season. This button-down maxi dress falls into that category and has a front button fastening. Style with a pair of brown heels, belt and a trendy bag.

A maxi dress that is sophisticated enough to wear for your special occasions, but also laidback enough to pack for a trip to the countryside. All you need to top off this look is a hat.

Your new maxi dress must have!  The tie-dye trend is going strong, and designers are elevating it more than ever by way of dresses this fall. Tie-dye dresses are about to be everywhere this Fall.

For those who are not ready to give up their bright summer floral frocks, here’s a printed one with sleeves that feels fall appropriate. The colorful print is playful and romantic while the front high slit makes it sexy and feminine.

The range above will have you covered for work, brunch, parties, apple picking and more.  Shop through these cheap cute clothes, and get yourself something pretty! Consider them investment pieces you would wear for the months to come.

Fun Party Ideas During Lockdown

With schools and many businesses closing their doors or going online, many of us are spending more time at home during this pandemic. Being homebound has its challenges but there is also a silver lining.  We get to slow down and spend quality time with those who matter the most.

Some of us may feel bored, stuck and unproductive during this time. There are some productive things that you can do to keep yourself engaged and to put a positive spin during the lockdown.  They are:-

  •  Finish a book
  •  Indulge in a skincare session with your loved ones
  •  Give your room a facelift by trying out decor ideas
  •  Learn to cook or bake
  •  Make a bucket list
  •  Organize your wardrobe
  •  Get fit
  •  Clear out your kitchen cupboards


Another great idea to liven things up is to host a Pajama Party for your family.  Let’s be honest, pajamas are pretty much what we are wearing on most days.  Why not plan a themed slumber party where everyone can don matching fancy pajamas?  There is nothing like slipping into a comfortable and family matching pajamas while having some fun at home.

How to plan a themed pajamas party

  • Set up a few tents and decorate them
  • Get ready some snacks like popcorns, chips and sodas
  • Prepare a list of activities such as karaoke or sing along to Youtube videos
  • Set aside some games to play
  • Pick a movie to watch


Last but not least, check out some cozy themed pajamas at LazyOne.

You can even find matching cute pajamas for your four-legged family members. How puptastic is that?

With social distancing measures in place, many of us are unable to spend time with friends and family members outside of our home. In order to stay connected, many are celebrating milestones/events online via zoom parties or Google Hangouts. Getting everyone to wear matching pajamas while celebrating online is a fun way to shake things up a bit.

This comfy and fun pjs from LazyOne are great as gifts for birthdays or the coming holiday season which your family will love to show off.

Trendy Fashion Basics You Need In 2020

Great basics are the core of any fashion-savvy people’s wardrobe. This assortment of staples includes pieces like gold hoopswhite T-shirts, sneakers and denim.  They are versatile and are something that you would wear again and again.  Putting on an outfit each morning is remarkably easier when you really love the pieces in your closet and know you can pair them with just about anything.  Whether it is something comfortable for working at home or a more trend-forward look on your day out, here are a few favorite trendy fashion basics:-

Sandals - Black - Ladies | H&M US 1

These strappy minimal sandal from H&M is the shoe that goes with practically anything.

Linen Shorts - Khaki green - Ladies | H&M US 1

Linen shorts are very versatile and they can be styled with a blazer for Fall. 

Ribbed Top - Black - Ladies | H&M US 2

This affordable ribbed top from H&M is almost like a blend of T-shirt and a cardigan in one.  It can be paired with  slouchy trousers which is a favorite for Fall. 

Puff-sleeved Blouse - White - | H&M US 2

Puff sleeve tops and jeans – Though the trend has been around for a while now, the popularity of puffy-sleeve tops seems to continue growing. This version from H&M is such a cool take on a basic white top. Pair it with your denim and you are all set.

Cotton Utility Jumpsuit - Light beige - Ladies | H&M US 3

Jumpsuits are always a street style favorite.  This cotton short-sleeve version from H&M balance the piece out so you do not feel like you are swimming in too much fabric.