Funky Tool Belt For Men

When I asked my husband to gather more information about testosterone cream on the internet, I saw him checking out a MagnoGrip Magnetic Work Gear at  I know he loves having his tools and when you ask him to assemble any furniture, he would bring out all his toolboxes.  He does not have a belt like this and he really like the idea of the magnetic pockets which can hold the nails securely.  I think he would look pretty darn good wearing this MagnoGrip Magnetic Work belt 😉



Funky Toolbox For The Baby Room

Ain’t this little toolbox cute?  It is great to clear some clutter in the baby room.  The caddy holds up to a dozen diapers, creams, ointments, powder and other necessity items.  This Skip*Hop toolbox from has built-in handle which enables it to be moved from bedroom to bathroom or to any other room at home easily.  It also has 2 side pockets which are removable as well as two drawers that can be acessible from either side. I wonder if they have similar toolbox for adults.  Would be great to have a bright and colourful toolbox to keep all the necessary tools and bearings.

Funky Gardening Apron / Tool Belt

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves gardening, then do check out this beautifully designed gardening apron from  This funky tool belt oozes lots of styles and is also practical with enough pockets to hold everything one needs when gardening.  It has a zipped compartment to keep valuables and even features a specially designed pouch which is ideal for a mobile phone or MP3 player.  This well-designed garden tool belt fastens with an adjustable clip for snug fit.  It is also big enough to protect your clothes.  Also available in rugged brown for guys.  Perfect for storing tools and even work holding supplies.  Check out Spotty Gift Boxes for more information.