The Perfect Travel Companion For Your Skincare Routine

While going on a holiday is exciting and a lot of fun, it can also be stressful. We may experience disrupted sleeps, drinking less water and straying from our usual skincare routine. When we are away from home, it is easy for our usual skincare routine to go all haywire. This would have a negative effect on the skin.

Traveling is the time that our skin needs attention the most. Traveling involves plane and train rides and the prolonged exposure to the different cooling and heating methods can result in the loss of moisture for our skin. As such, disposable face towels from Ditoi Beauty are a traveler’s best friend as they can be used to freshen up the face during a busy day.

Why You Need Ditoi Disposable Face Towels For Traveling

Made from 100% biodegradable plant fiber, Ditoi Face Towels are designed to complete every skincare routine in the cleanest way possible, and to ensure that your skin is protected from the bacteria and germs commonly found on ordinary bathroom or face.

Ditoi disposable face towelettes are chemical-free, unscented, fragrance-free, plastic-free, and contain no formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. Durable, absorbent and thick, they have an excellent cleaning effect and are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Best of all, you do not have to worry about adding more waste to the landfill when you use these single use face towels for travel because they will biodegrade and turn to soil 180 days after being discarded.

Ditoi Eco-Friendly Face Towels are packaged in a compact manner which means that you can easily fit them in your carry-on and access them easily whenever you want. The portable travel pack consists of 15 pieces of wipes that have undergone high-temperature steam sterilization technology. They are the dermatologist-approved hygienic way to cleanse acne-prone skin. Here is how these disposable face towels are going to help you on your travels:

  1. Stay Clean – When you need to refresh your skin, just reach out to a piece of the wipe to clean your face. These wipes come dry and can be used for both drying and washing the face.
  2. Top Quality – Ditoi disposable towels are curated and tested vigorously to formulate safe and effective product. They are of the best quality which means that you can rest assured that they are safe to use on your skin. The towels are specially designed to absorb oil, liquid and lubricant, and at the same time, they are soft enough for use on the face and hands.
  3. Disposable – Once you are done using them, these biodegradable towels can be easily disposed of

Each pack contains 15 towels that measure 10 x 12 inches, making them the perfect size for facial and hand cleaning. They are also great to use as makeup remover. Ditoi Disposable Face Cleaning Towels are a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to care for their skin.

Keep Hydrated During Workout With Keepto Water Bottle

Exercise and physical activity offer many short and long term benefits like better mood, sleep and improve physical health.  Research has shown that exercise can manage the symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. Such activities like running, and aerobics can raise heart rates and produce endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers, thus alleviate the the symptoms of depression. Exercise has also shown to reduce the negative effect of stress and tension, stabilizing mood and improve self-esteem. It is also very important for people to stay physically active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For many who are staying at home to social distance and quarantine, exercise such as strength training, HITT workout or using home exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills or elliptical machines can help to keep one active.  There are also many exercise videos on YouTube to try.

One important thing to take note when exercising is to stay hydrated.  Having good hydration is when we get the right amount of water before we begin to exercise, during and after exercise. Water is the best drink to replace lost fluid during exercise. It boasts a wide range of benefits. When we drink enough water, it can help to regulate body temperature, gives us energy and keep us healthy.  If we are not hydrated, our body cannot perform at the peak level.  When our body lacks water, we may experience muscle cramps, tiredness, dizziness and other symptoms.

So how much water should you drink while exercising?  There are no specific rules on how much water to drink while exercising and it depends on individual.  Different people have different sweat rate and it also depends on the humidity and heat in the environment and the duration of the exercise.  Ideally, it would be good to drink between 17 to 20 ounces of water 2 hours before working out.  Then, drink up to 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes of exercise and up to 8 ounces of water 30 minutes after you are done.

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not overlook hydration is to get a water bottle.  This will make you more inclined to sip the water during and after your exercise. The best water bottle to quench your thirst in style is the Keepto Water Bottles.  These water bottle is BPA free, FDA approved and available in several sizes such as 32 oz, 64 oz and 128 oz (1 gallon).  They are also available in an endless array of vibrant colors.

KEEPTO 32oz Water Bottle with Straw - Motivational Water Jugs with Time Marker & Removable Strainer, Fast Flow BPA Free Water Bottle for Fitness, Gym, School and Office

Keepto Water Bottle 32 oz with Removable Straw


Keepto 32oz Water Bottle With Flip Lid and Anti-Slip Design

Keepto half gallon water bottle with piped mouth, sturdy carry handle and carry strap

Keepto 64 oz (Half gallon) Water Bottle with A Lid Lock And Carry Handle

Keepto 1 Gallon Water Bottle With Sturdy Handle and Strap

Keepto Water Bottles are not only good quality, reliable and affordable, they also feature unique inspirational quotes and time marker on the surface of the bottle.  The quotes are to motivate you towards your fitness goal and its time marker is a good reminder for you to drink your water. 

Why Choose Keepto Water Bottles?

Keepto water bottles contain silicone ring as well as silicone plug  as double protection and ensure the bottle is no leak. They are top-notch for comfy, spill-proof sips and chugs.  Say goodbye to water leaking in your backpack or spilling when you knock it over at the gym.  All Keepto water bottles are wide mouth, feature a removable soft silicone straw that allows you to enjoy spill-proof sipping and have a fruit/tea strainer for those who love adding fruit the water.  The strainer will ensure that they are not stuck on the straw when drinking.  The Keepto water bottles come with a sponge that can reach the bottom  when washing as well as a handy straw cleaner. The water bottles are lightweight, ergonomically designed and have double scale measurement.  The durable straps make them easier to be carried around to a variety of activities such as the gym, running, hiking, cycling and more.

If you are looking for a water bottle that is as fun as it is functional, Keepto water bottle designs are a crowd favorite.  These top-rated water bottles also make a great gift if you have a outdoorsy person on your gifting list.

Holidaying In Singapore

Experiencing the travel itch but not sure where to go?  Well, why not plan a trip to Singapore?  This modern city is a cosmopolitan society with a combination of Asian and European influences.   Why travel to Singapore?  Well here are some reasons why visiting Singapore should be on your travel bucket list and I am sure after reading this, you can’t wait to book your airline tickets.

A Taste of Nature

Despite having many skyscrapers, you will be surprised at the number of parks in this city.  The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage site and is the largest green space in the city.  It is home to the world’s most extensive orchid garden and 314 species of plants.   It is advisable to allocate a few hours to visit this attraction due to its size as there are many things to see.

Another attraction that blends nature with cutting-edge architecture is The Gardens by the Bay.  This remarkable green space is filled with enormous biodomes and whimsical sculptures.  You may feel like you are in the movie Avatar because of the Supertree Grove which supports the OCBC Skyway which offers views of the surrounding gardens and Marina Bay.

Family-Friendly Attraction

If you are travelling with your family, your children will have loads of fun at the kids-friendly attractions such as Universal Studios, The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. The highly popular Hollywood movies theme park, Universal Studios has a mix of attractions from stage shows to the thrilling Battlestar Gallactica roller-coaster ride. The Singapore Zoo is a great outing for the family.  This award-winning wildlife park has 11 different zones and 12 exhibits thus offering numerous opportunities to get up close with a diverse array of wildlife.  There is even a Zoo-rassic Park for the dinosaur enthusiasts.  Night Safari Singapore is the first nocturnal zoo in the world.  This entire open-air zoo is only open at night and houses over 2,500 animals.  Divided into seven geographical zones that can be explored either by foot via walking trails or by tram.

Dining In Singapore

Singapore is a food paradise.  There is no doubt about it that dining out in Singapore can be expensive.  However, if you know where to go, you won’t need to dig deep into your pocket. Some of the best cheap eats are available in food courts or hawker centers serving street food, from snacks to full meal.  There is the cheapest Michelin-starred eatery called Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice, tasty Char Kuay Teow (fried flat noodles) and more.

Shopping in Singapore

Shopoholics are going to love Singapore’s main shopping street, Orchard Road.  The mile-long street is home to tons of eateries and has a whopping 47 shopping malls from designer brands to international high-street retailers such as H&M and Zara.  You can spend hours and hours shopping here and eating at the excellent and clean food courts in the malls.


It is very convenient to go around Singapore.  Just hop on a subway or a bus as the transportation network is spread out to all corners of the island.

Instead of driving 5 hours and getting annoyed at traffic, the quickest and most comfortable way to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is by plane.  The flight duration is about an hour.  There are also many flights from Singapore to Penang.

It is sometimes hard to choose the perfect holiday spot for the family.  However, holidaying in Singapore is an amazing experience as it is clean, modern and safe.

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Best Gift For Travelers

Christmas is less than a week away.  Are you still looking the special gift for all the frequent fliers in your life? Finding gifts for travelers isn’t always easy and which is why we have searched around and found this perfect gift that is under $30.   Are you ready for it?

The BEST GIFTS for travelers are the Scratch Off World Map and Scratch Off USA Map.

The maps are a fun way to keep track of the travels, memories, inspire future adventures and to make life on the road easier and more enjoyable.   They are also great as a teaching tool for children to know more about the World and the US.  The Scratch off Map of the World and Map of USA are large and high-quality wall map which features a gold foil layer.  Just scratch off the places you have visited to reveal a whole new world below. They feature vibrant colors and geographical detail.   These 2 maps are totally unique and personalized.   Best of all, you get  2 maps for only $25.97.  An awesome deal right?

The maps are packaged in a beautiful tube and you do not even need to gift wrap it.  Just put a bow on the tube and you are all set.  Whether it’s a gift for the holidays or a special occasion, the Scratch Off Map of the World and Scratch Off Map of US will make meaningful presents for your fellow world wanderers.  Click HERE to order one now.

The Complete Guide To A Sunny Week In San Diego

With all the cold weather that’s been around lately, you might find yourself dreaming of a vacation full of sunshine for next year. After months spent indoors and wrapped up in multiple duvets and blankets every night, it’s only natural that we end up craving that vitamin D as soon as Christmas is over! With the British summer usually being less than fruitful, you may want to get away as soon as possible. Most of us have managed to build our bank accounts back up from the festive period at around March/April. Plus, going away at this time of year means that you avoid high summer fares, and everywhere being busy with families. Take a couple of weeks off work (you deserve it!) and jet off to visit our transatlantic cousins in the good old US of A. If you’re looking for a warm climate, rich history and plenty of great eateries, look no further than San Diego.


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Getting there

San Diego is on the Western side of the continent, meaning that it’s a much further flight than if you were visiting Florida or New York. But, it is possible to do it directly. British Airways offer a direct flight going from Heathrow in London. However, with other airlines you may need to stop off somewhere. Once you arrive, though, the airport is a mere ten minute cab ride out of town, so you won’t need to trek to your accommodation.


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Putting your head down

After that long flight, you’re probably ready for a good night’s sleep before you even think about exploring the city! San Diego is home to a multitude of neighbourhoods, all of which have something different to offer. If you’re hoping to stay right in the midst of all the action, and love to spend a night out partying, you may want to stay in the Gaslamp Quarter. Or, perhaps you want to take advantage of the fact that San Diego offers an eclectic mix of both North American and Mexican cultures. In that case, a resort such as Ensenada is sure to keep you entertained. Whatever takes your fancy, you can search for san diego vacation rental online to find your perfect fit.

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What to do

It’s no surprise that San Diego is known as California’s beach city. It boasts an astonishing 70 miles of beaches and offers a range of seaside activities – there’s something to suit everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, make sure you head to Black’s Beach. It’s said to have some of the best surfing waves in the whole of California. If you’re after something a bit more relaxing, Coronado beach features miles of beautiful white sand. In fact, due to some of the minerals in the sand, it quite literally sparkles in the moonlight! Another popular San Diego must-visit is at least one of the 100 breweries it is home to. Craft beer has exploded in the city over the past few years, so why not take a tour and learn all about it? There are also plenty of live music venues and museums too, so any culture vultures will be able to easily get their fix.

Escape The Stress This Christmas With A Holiday To Remember

Christmas presents under the tree

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably starting to feel the pressure to make plans. Around now is often the time when Christmas becomes more of a stress than a joy. There are so many loved ones to see; we can often feel torn into pieces. Do you go to his parents for lunch, or to yours? Where would it be best to spend the evening? And there’s no chance of actually getting any romantic time for just the two of you. Or is there? If you feel like throwing caution to those Christmas politics this year, why not do something outlandish? Why not try a Christmas holiday? It might seem a strange concept if you’ve never considered it before, but it’s amazing how much more relaxing it can be! We’ve already looked into skiing holidays for this winter, but what other destinations are calling you this December?

While going away is a tempting idea, it can always be a worrying decision. Will your loved ones understand? Of course, they may be a bit upset about not being able to spend that time with you, but they’ll soon forgive you. After all, they would probably like to do the same. You don’t even have to worry about not being able to give them their gifts. It’s true that you could do the rounds before you go, but isn’t this all about getting away from that kind of stress? Why not let a christmas hamper delivery sort all that out for you. That way, you won’t even be left doing any wrapping!


Lapland could be perfect for your first holiday away at Christmas, because it’s still nice and Christmassy! In fact, you won’t find a much more Christmassy place. We all dream of a white Christmas, and you’re guaranteed to find one on this trip. Even better, there are many Christmassy activities to choose from. From rides in reindeer sleighs to meeting Santa, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This can be an excellent option if it’s a family holiday you’re after. The kids will adore the magical Christmas vibes.


It might be the inspiration from films like Home Alone, but there’s something magical about the idea of New York at Christmas time. With outdoor skating rinks and Christmas parades galore, the city is sure not to disappoint. If you’ve always wanted to visit The Big Apple, this might just be your perfect opportunity. Imagine all those skyscrapers, covered in Christmas lights and towering above you. It’d be just like in the movies.


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A list for getting away at Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a cruise. There seems to be something appealing about the idea of a cruise at Christmas time. Maybe it’s the fact that you can still get into that Christmas spirit onboard, then step out into a gloriously sunny destination. With so many destinations to pick – from the Mediterranean to Africa, why not take to the seas this holiday season?

Fancy Hitting The Ski Slopes This Winter? Then Head To The US!

Although summer is over, that doesn’t mean that we have to wait until next year to get away. There are plenty of destinations that offer the most amazing winter breaks. Of course, the most popular winter break is skiing. Something that has gained more and more popularity over the past few years.

Even if you’ve never hit the slopes before, skiing can make a fantastic winter break. It may be somewhat daunting putting on skies for the first time. However, skiing really is a lot of fun and is something that everyone should try at some point or another. If you’re going to go skiing, the best place to go has to be the US, as it has so many different skiing resorts to choose from.

If the idea of going skiing sounds like it could be fun, here’s what you’ll need to do to prepare for your trip.

Pick your travel buddies


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The first thing that you need to do is decide who you want to go with. It might be that you want to make it a romantic trip for yourself and your partner, or perhaps you’d prefer to travel as part of a larger group. If you decide to travel as part of a larger group, make sure to be choosy about who you invite. The last thing you want is clashing personalities ruining the trip for everyone. So make sure that everyone who wants to come along gets on well with each other.

Book your plane ticket and get your travel documents in order


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Once you’ve decided which ski resort is best, the next step is to book your plane tickets and get your travel documents in order. Check that your passport is in date and has at least six months left on it – if not you will need to renew it. It’s also important to get to grips with the US entry requirements. While you may not need a visa to get into the country, you may need an ESTA. To find out more about the American ESTA requirements, take the time to do your research. This is important, as without the right documentation, you won’t be able to enter the country. It’s a good idea to also check that everyone that you’re traveling with has also got the right documentation in place.

Research all the best resorts


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Once you’ve chosen your travel buddies, the next step is to research all the best resorts. The US has some amazing skiing resorts, it’s just a case of finding the one that is best suited to your budget and needs. Four of the most popular skiing destinations in the US are Lake Tahoe, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. Take a look at the facilities on offer at each resort, as well as the prices. This should give you an idea of which resort is best suited to you. Don’t forget to take the types of slopes they have into account – ideally, you want to choose a resort that has a mixture of slopes. As that way, everyone is happy.

If you’re planning to head to the US this winter for a skiing trip, the tips above should help to make the planning process a little easier.

Gift Idea For A Football Lover

Oh I am still in my holiday mode eventhough we have been back for a couple of days.  Please bear with me, ok?   During our vacation, we also managed to celebrate the birthday of my brother-in-law who was also on holiday with us.  We had a seafood dinner on his birthday and the restaurant is situated on a cliff, overlooking the sea.  The view was just spectacular.  Located next to the restaurant is a trendy beach front bar.  Right after dinner, we proceeded to the bar for some drinks and music.  Everyone had a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed the live music.  There were 2 entertainers as well as live bands delivering the best music on their korg kronos 88 Keyboard Workstation.  My brother-in-law received a Desktop Table Football from all of us since he is an ardent fan of football.

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Mini Hair Dryer For Travel


This mini vintage hairy dryer from Corioliss is too cute. It is a powerful 800w A/C dryer that is ergonomic, lightweight and quiet.   This hair dryer features 2 speed setting and dual voltage circuitry.  This mini vintage dryer is suitable for global travel and comes with its own vintage travel bag in a matching colour.  Great for those who want to travel in style.  Available in blue or black Floral print.

VW Camper Tent


If  you love camping, then this hippie VW Camper Van Tent may interest you.  This tent is a full-size replica of the iconic 1965 VW Camper Van.   I love its  blue, black and white shade.  Available at  Say goodbye to the conventional tent.  Have some camping fun this summer with this VW Camper Van Tent.  I bet you’ll be the talk of the campsite 🙂