Prom Tuxedo 2021

Prom season is always something to look forward to for many high-schoolers, especially after having worked to get through the term. However, it is still something that offers young men the jitters because of the pressure of getting everything right.  Are you looking forward to your prom next spring and wondering how to look cool while dancing and celebrating?  Very often, prom is typically associated with images of teen girls in trendy gowns or dresses and guys in classic tuxedos. Nowadays, there are more options available for young men to stand out.  There are plenty of prom suits that are super stylish and cool to make you just as fabulous as your date.

Scroll ahead to see some unexpected suit and tux styles from Allaboutsuit that are suave and set yourself apart from the pack:-

This Royal Print Champagne Tuxedo is a must for the guy who is too cool for prom but still goes anyway.

A cool burgundy men’s suit is a good option to stand out in the crowd without any hard effort.  Pair it with black boots, a black tie, and black glasses for a new outstanding result.

Instead of traditional black and brown, choose a grey suit.  This slim fit style works best for young modern guys. Pair it with a white formal shirt, grey tie and brown leather boots to enhance the look.

If you want to stick to tradition but do not want to risk looking boring,  get this updated, modern version of the most classic tuxedo style.

Whether you are looking for clean and professional prom suits style or wedding suits for men, Allaboutsuit has got you covered.

Must Grab Pieces From Zara This Fall

It’s finally sweater season.  It’s getting cold outside and turtlenecks, blazers and cardigans are the perfect clothes for this transitional weather.  Fall fashion means it is time to get some chic sweaters and Zara has the coziest and trendiest pieces that we all need.  No wardrobe is complete without a few versatile sweaters. Whether you are working from home, lounging on the sofa or hanging out with friends (with social distancing in place), these sweaters are perfect for every occasion.

Image 1 of CABLE-KNIT SWEATER from Zara

Crop sweaters are having quite a moment right now. It has the coziness of a chunky knit and the casual vibes of a summer essential.

Image 1 of KNITTED WAISTCOAT from Zara

The sweater vest is the new grandpa trend that is making waves this season. If you are looking to make your basic fall outfit more interesting, style a vest with a shirt and loose trousers and sneakers. Or just wear it as a top.

Image 1 of HIGH NECK KNIT SWEATER from Zara

High-neck sweater will keep you warm and cozy.  The outfits you can plan with this sweater are endless.


Oversized knit sweater is the ultimate classic piece for your wardrobe

Where To Buy The Best Western Boots Online

Western style fashion is trending now and it is time to jump on this fashion wagon. It is, after all, one of the universal favorite fashion looks of men all over the world. The western trend is a look that is well loved among many men. Not only does it look great on almost anyone, but this style offers versatility too.  You can wear from day to night, dressed up or down.

A pair of men’s cowboy boots is one of the most commonly thought about items in a Western style wardrobe. There are quite a number of men who have never rode a horse and yet own and look great in a pair of Cowboy Western Boots.   Why cowboy boots?  This piece of footwear not only is rich in history, it also offers a better sense of style.  It can be paired with simple clothing such as a classic pair of denim.

If you have an old pair of boots with you, it is time to wear it.  Well, if you do not have one already, then now is the perfect time for you to choose a pair of high-quality piece like the Stages West Men’s Cowboy Boots.

Anderson Bean Men's 13" Safari Giraffe Boot - Granite


This high-quality classic footwear piece is only for men who are not afraid to show their personal sense of style and will definitely last you for years to come.

Stages West Cowboy Boots are what you should check out if you want to add men’s western boots into your fashion style.  They have a wide selection of well-made boots that are lovingly crafted with care and precision by skilled hands. Stage West is your ultimate source for Western boots online. Start rocking that Western vibe now.

Best Short Wedding Dresses 2020

Over the last few seasons, it has become clear that there is a new wedding dress style in town that many non-traditional brides are embracing as their own. Short wedding dresses which are mini and midi lengths included have actually gone through quite the transformation lately and this length has finally been deemed wedding-appropriate.

There are more and more bridal designers who are wising up to the short wedding dress trend.  We have seen some truly gorgeous designs on the catwalk this season.   This is, of course, fantastic news for who want to take inspiration from the full skirts and petticoats of the 1950s, or who want a more casual gown that they can keep off the sand or grass.

So whether you are getting hitched on the beach or simply heading down to a registry office, if you are on the lookout for something a little less conventional, scroll down to see more short wedding dresses that are a perfect place to start.

This combination of v- neckline, tulle skirt and lace makes this dress perfect for the true romantics out there.

With a high-collar, long-sleeves and vintage lace detail, going for an unusual piece like this does not mean that you have to compensate on tradition.

Going for a short dress does not mean you have to compensate on style. The lace and A-line hem on this number add extra sweetness.

Therefore if you are all for unconventional styles, and are not a fan of the floor-length dresses that weighs you down, then the perfect style for you is in the form of tea-length or mini dress that allows you to transition smoothly for your after-party.  Get ready to dance the night away!

Want to see more short wedding dresses? Well, make your way to, a global online wedding dress specialist that has a range of stunning wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Torrid Has Launched A Wedding Shop For Plus-Size Brides

Women’s retail chain, Torrid has just launched a new line of beautiful wedding dresses for curvy women. It is so easy for plus-size brides to shop for wedding dresses and pantsuits, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. The best part of this is that everything is under $200 and they go up to a size 30.

For those who have shopped for a wedding dress before, you know you can spend a small fortune on a gown which you will only wear once in a lifetime. But Torrid is turning that tradition on its head, giving consumers a bunch of options at a fair price, and one is more gorgeous than the next.

From traditional lace with detailing like covered buttons to simpler, contemporary silhouettes, the collection covers a range of choices to fit the brides’ curves and personality. There is an abundance of colors to choose from for bridesmaids and guests and for some dresses there is even an option of a convertible dress, meaning they can be worn in five different ways. According to their site, the gowns are designed for “versatility, without sacrificing comfort, so you can style it perfectly to fit your figure.”

What Hair Dryer Best Fits Your Needs

Are you looking for the perfect hairdryer to achieve beautiful, sleek hair? The problem is that there are so many different models out on the market these days that choosing the best one for you can be difficult. The very best hairdryers on the market are lightweight, user-friendly and speedy. Here, we give you our buyer’s guide so you can decide easily which is the right hairdryer for you.

A Cheap Model

If you’re not too bothered about fancy styling, but need a cheap hairdryer to get your hair dry as quickly as possible after stepping out of the shower, a basic hairdryer will be absolutely fine for you. Make sure to choose one with a couple of airflow and heat settings, and maybe one with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle as well to give you a few more choices about how to dry your hair.

A Professional Hairdryer

Are you looking for lots of choice about how to dry and style your hair? If so, a professional hairdryer is ideal for you, coming with a range of functions and attachments to help you achieve the perfect look. You’ll find several airflow and temperature settings to pick from and a cool shot setting to set your style. You might want to choose a professional model with nourishing, ceramic or ionic technology for an even better finish.

A Speedy Hairdryer

Is time of the essence when you wash and dry your hair? If you need your hair to be dry in no time at all, you need to choose a hairdryer with a wattage of at least 2000 watts and preferably as high as 3000 watts. Remember that the higher the wattage the faster your hair will dry.

A Lightweight Dryer

Does your hair seem to take forever to dry? If so, your arms may get tired from holding up a heavy hairdryer. A lightweight model is therefore the ideal solution for you. Make sure to choose a well-balanced model too which isn’t awkward to operate and hold.

Hairdryers For Straight Hair

Is your hair long and straight? If so, you need a lightweight hairdryer with ionic functions which will leave your hair smooth, shiny and soft.

Hairdryers For Curly Hair

If you want to use a hairdryer on your curly hair you need to choose a model that dries your hair carefully and slowly if you don’t want to lose definition. Choose a dryer with a low heat setting and one with a diffuser for achieving better and bigger curls.

Hairdryers For Frizzy Hair

If your hair is naturally frizzy using a hairdryer can be a challenge. Choose a model with a narrow concentrator nozzle. This will allow you to carefully dry hair in separate sections so it won’t blow around and get too frizzy. One with a low heat setting is best to avoid excess frizz and an ionic function setting will ensure your hair stays smooth and shiny.

Hairdryers For Fine Hair

Again, a narrow concentrator nozzle is the best choice for fine hair as it will add more lift at your roots for better volume. You’ll need a low heat setting to protect your fine hair from breakage.

Different Features To Consider

There are numerous features which the latest hairdryers boast. These include:

  • Ceramic technology – adds shine and protects from frizz
  • Concentrator nozzles – focuses the heat and airflow to the roots for more volume
  • Cool shot – helps to set the hairstyle
  • Diffuser – adds volume and defines curls
  • Nourishing technology – combats frizzy hair
  • Tourmaline technology – speeds hair drying while reducing static
  • Removable air inlets – prevents hair from being tangled up in the hairdryer’s motor

Not all hairdryers have these features, but knowing what they are can help you to make the right decisions about the best model to suit your specific hair type and needs.

As you can see, choosing the right hairdryer isn’t always as easy as you might think. Depending on the type and length of hair you have, different models might be better suited to your needs. If you get the choice right, however, you’ll find easy styling is at your fingertips and your hair will stay looking fantastic every day.

How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit My Hand?

A designer engagement ring is an item that you will cherish for your entire life. It symbolises your relationship and joy. An engagement ring is also something that will be seen countless times, a lifelong accessory, one that people will often ask to see. As such, choosing a ring  should be done with utmost care and consideration. While the size of the ring and its comfort on your finger is important, there are numerous variations and subtleties that may or may not be flattering to your hand shape, size, or your personal style.

For longer fingers, a larger stone is often recommended. A popular cut, such as round or princess, is particularly desirable as the length of the finger offsets the size and width of the stone. A wider band may also be used to flatter a hand by having a shortening effect on the finger. A longer finger offers great versatility when considering a more extravagant fit, such as an open or shield design.

Alternatively, those with shorter fingers will usually be happier with an entended shape stone. An oval or pear-cut stone will add length to the finger. A stone set lengthways on the band, referred to as a marquise design, will also appear to elongate the finger. Alongside a smaller stone, selecting a more delicate width of band will also create an overall daintier impression.

Those with wider fingers are inclined to choose a slimmer band, however, this will typically have an adverse effect and will likely accentuate the strength of the hand. Opting instead for a wider band will be more complimentary to the hand’s shape. A larger stone, one with a dramatic shape, will also be more flattering. Winder fingers are adaptable, a quality that should be embraced with more pronounced designs, such as a cluster.

Finally, those with thinner fingers may want to choose a larger stone coupled with a slightly wider band, which will balance the overall shape of the finger. However, to embrace the petiteness, a slim, marquise cut, with a pear or cushion-cut diamond may be appropriate. Also, with a smaller finger, comfort is an important factor to keep in mind. While you certainly want to celebrate your love, choosing a ring and stone too larger may, ultimately, strain the finger.

Each finger, however, is entirely unique, as is the person. While these tips are helpful to consider, the most helpful suggestion that could be given when choosing designer engagement rings is to seek professional service. High-end and reputable designers will give you expert advice on each aspect of your ring selection. They will not only consider every aspect of both your hand and the ring but also take into account your personality, a quality that is especially important to compliment. Their guidance draws from years of experience, matching high-quality engagement rings with a variety of fingers and people, making it the best way to feel totally comfortable selecting the ring to represent your love and relationship.