Biggest Wedding Ring Trend For 2021

Although 2020 has not been the best year if you had been planning to get married, it does not mean that there are no exciting new trends when it comes to wedding rings. Different shapes and styles were seen entering the marketplace. The settings of stone and detailing have also created something a bit different while still retaining that classic look.

The options can seem endless when it comes to wedding ring designs, thus making it near impossible to choose a style you love. But if you are the type of bride who is looking for something a little bit outside the traditional realm of wedding rings, you have come to the right place.  Colored gems are increasing in popularity. Birthstones such as emerald and moonstones are a great way to personalize your ring and are a step away from the norm.

Scroll ahead to find out what is popular on high street and across the internet. As we are facing a pandemic,  most shopping is being done online, and this offers far more choices as well as an opportunity to pick up a good bargain. Here are some of the trends that are popular now and going to be big next year:-

Moonstone rings are highly sought after because of their transparent blue shimmering glow.  When the gemstone is exposed to light, it creates an alluring shimmer and is pleasing to the eye.  Moonstone rings come in a variety of cuts such as pear, oval, marquise, oval and more. They look great in any type of gold, platinum or silver.  The moonstone wedding set above features an approximately 6x8mm pear-shaped moonstone in the center with a petite band.

Emeralds are having a serious moment right now and they are expected to be the “It” stone of 2021. Associated with serenity and new beginnings, emeralds are a symbolic choice for many newlyweds. This luxe stone has been coveted for centuries by Cleopatra, Jackie O, Dakota Johnson and more.  The deep green hues in emerald give a sense of royal elegance like this exquisite emerald wedding set.

People always say that diamonds are forever, but gemstones like alexandrite are just as mysteriously compelling.  The ever-changing hue and rarity of this stone make it extremely special and ideal for brides who want something that is one-of-a-kind.  This alexandrite wedding set features a curved diamond matching band with an approximately 6×8 mm oval cut Alexandrite in the center.  Defintely a beautiful and unique piece.

Whatever your personal jewelry style is, you cannot go wrong with these gemstone wedding set from Penfine, a leading and reputable online jeweler with a wide range of beautiful pieces that are distinctive and high quality.

Top 5 Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses from Alfabridal

As soon as you have chosen your dream wedding gown, the next important step is to help pick the dresses for your favorite ladies.  Your best friends deserve to feel fabulous on your special day.  Shopping for your bridal party is fun but at the same time, can be tough because you have to deal with different body types, style preferences and of course, budgets

Luckily online shopping is here to make life easier for you to find exactly what you and your tribe are looking for. Check out some fabulous bridesmaid chiffon dresses from Alfabridal that offers the most stunning, simple and feminine design options that your maids of honor will love.  Chiffon is a lightweight fabric and a highly popular choice for bridesmaid dresses because of its light and airy texture.  Chiffon dresses are breathable, soft, and offer an elegant look for a variety of wedding themes throughout the year.

This ruffled neckline chiffon dress with short flutter sleeves gives a boho vibe.  This stunning dress looks and feels romantic.

This strapless sweetheart neckline dress is stylish and sleek.  Your bridesmaids will love it.

This short bridesmaid dress is a fun option that your bridesmaids will want to wear again. It allows comfort and movement, especially on the dance floor. Classic and sophisticated for any weddings.

This red number is a sexy ruching bodice dress complete with a high front slit and criss-cross back.

This bridesmaid dress is a mix of elegance and modesty with a high sheer neckline and tie waist that flatters the waist. Flowy and versatile, this dress is flattering on all body shapes and sizes, and perfect for your bridal party.

Alfabridal has a range of 56 colors for chiffon, lace, tulle bridesmaid dresses. Also available are 15 different colors for sequin and velvet dresses. The dress sizes range from Size US2-US26W. You can also send them an e-mail if you have any queries.

Top 5 Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses from Alfabridal

Autumn has arrived and it is arguably the most beautiful season for a wedding.  The changing colors of the leaves make the most gorgeous backdrop.  When choosing a color and a theme for fall weddings, the fiery fall foliage is easy to use as inspiration.  If you are looking for unique dresses for your maids of honor, you may want to take a look at velvet dresses.

Although velvet dresses are good for all year round, they are particularly perfect for autumn or winter bridal party.  You can choose to have your squad in matching velvet bridesmaid dresses, or mix styles in the same fabric and color or even have a mismatched bridal party look.

Check out below, the top 5 velvet bridesmaid dresses from Alfabridal that would make your bridesmaids beam and keep them warm on a chilly day.

Burgundy never goes out of style and when combined with velvet fabric makes this ruched dress even more timeless and elegant.

This deep plunge neck gown will give your bridesmaids a dramatic look.  Do not worry about the evening chill because your bridesmaids can cover up using a shawl or a scarf as part of the accessories.

This half sleeved v-neck long flowing dress is perfect for a more traditional bridal party.  It adds a retro edge with the velvet texture.

This long sleeve v-neck dress is not only super flattering but it is also available in a variety of hues. The front slit seamlessly breaks up the long dress.

The flutter sleeve adds a touch of romance to this dress with a boho vibe. Great for those who are looking for a style with a bit of coverage but not too constricting.

The above velvet bridesmaid dresses are some of the favorite fall-inspired looks.  They are such a refreshing and welcomed addition to the typical color palette and styles of a fall wedding. These dresses are stunning against the natural backdrop.  If you love the designs, you will be glad to know that these dresses are available in

You can find 56 colors for bridesmaid dresses in chiffon, lace, tulle.  For fans of sequin and velvet dresses, there are 15 colors to choose from.  Alfabridal bridesmaid dresses come in size US2  to US26W and they accept custom order as well.  You may contact them for color swatch.  Their e-mail is You can also visit their website at

Beautiful and Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Buy Online

Congratulations on your big day!  Once you are done with choosing your wedding dress, you would need to make one of the hardest fashion decisions for your wedding and that is what your bridesmaids are going to wear.  Choosing the same dress that is flattering for all types of body shapes and sizes can be a little challenging.  You definitely want something that fits your wedding theme but you also want your girls to feel good about what they are going to wear.  You also do not want them to feel like they are forced to wear a one-time-only dress for the occasion.  However, this is not an impossible task to shop for and buy bridesmaid dresses online.

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses has never been easier at Yes Babyonline, a leading online fashion retail store that specializes in a huge selection of beautiful dresses for all occasions.  This company offers bridesmaids stylish dresses that would be loved and cherished and most importantly, they will be worn again.  They make dresses that your bridal party would love to wear and will thank you for!

Boho Style V-neck Long Sleeves Front Slit Floor Length Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses
Boho-themed wedding?  These dresses are just what you are looking for.
Different styles for different bridesmaid is a pretty cool idea.
Choosing your bridesmaids’ looks can be challenging. You could opt for floor-length gowns, short dresses, or even separates, but nothing seems to check off all the boxes quite like the jumpsuits do.  It is no wonder this nontraditional choice has become a major wedding trend. The jumpsuit look is fashion-forward, versatile, and flattering and the pants component of these garments allows your tribe to move freely on the dance floor. Your maids may be surprised by your unconventional choice, but we are positive that jumpsuits are a look everyone can agree on.
Aren’t they lovely?  Remember to take a look at your own wedding dress.  What is your overall style?  Classic, bohemian or modern?  Your bridesmaids’ dresses should follow the same vibe as yours.  So if you are looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses that are effortless and beautiful, check out the above collection. Find the perfect dresses to flatter everyone’s taste and style for your big day.

Major Wedding Trend of 2020

Like fashion trend, the bridal trends comes and go too.  Last year’s trends for the aisle were all inspired by the drama of royal weddings.  While you might be under the impression that wedding dresses are kind of all the same like white coloring, stereotypical ball-gown silhouette, and lace galore.  But that certainly is not the case.   For 2020, it is all about new interpretations of those classics, fresh alternatives to ivory and inspirations from decades past.

Haven’t found your dream wedding dress yet?  From the latest wedding-worthy accessories to effortless volume and the new take on bridal’s ever-evolving style, these fresh takes on tailoring, style, and silhouettes are what you should be paying attention to as you plan, shop, and style your 2020 nuptials.  Take a look through the gorgeous full selection of what’s trending this season from Yes Babyonline.


Glamorous Straps V-Neck Backless Lace Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Sexy Backlace Details – Make as much of a statement from the back as well as the front with these gorgeous lace details. You will look absolutely stunning up at the altar!

Long Sleeve Jewel Applique A Line Lace Wedding Dresses

Modern Minimalist – This wedding dress is perfect for a minimalist bride.  For the modern bride, why not take minimalism in a fresh and playful direction with patterned tulle in clean lines instead of plain satin or crepe dresses?
Craving for some volume?  Try this A-Line wedding gown. Perfect for those with fairytale romance dreams, ball gowns this season have grand skirts and trains in more modern fabrics and cleaner silhouettes.

Statement Sleeves – Sleeves make a fashion statement in 2020 and bold brides will love the unique silhouettes created by balloon sleeves or exotic feather capes.

Looking for a slightly less intense pop of color, but still want a dress that goes above and beyond your typical bridal gown? Then this is absolutely the dress for you. The lace pearl embroidery on the gown is the perfect choice for a boho fall wedding.

Hope you get inspired for your bridal look with the above favorite lace wedding dresses .

Engagement Ring Styles That Everyone Will Be Wearing In 2021

As the weather is warming up and the holiday season is not too far away, it is the time when partners are all starting to think about popping the question. Are you getting ready to take the next step with your significant other or are just seeking inspiration for a later date? Trends come and go. While it is always most important to select an engagement ring that is tailored to the recipient, it is also wise to learn more about what is currently in style.  Shopping for an engagement ring can be a rather daunting task if you do now know where to begin.  There are many gemstones, stone shapes, and combinations that can make one overwhelmed with all the choices.  Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about the emerging engagement ring trends for the year ahead.

Jeulia Halo Oval Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Oval-shaped diamonds have been one of the most popular shapes for a few years.  Oval shapes are amazing because they show their carat weight well and are very flattering on the finger.

Jeulia Leaf Shape Oval Cut Amethyst Engagement Ring

For a bride who wants to stand out, an engagement ring with a colored stone will definitely sweep your her off her feet! The engagement ring collection from Jeulia features a range of rings with stones in gorgeous shades of yellow, purple, green, pink and blue which are becoming increasingly popular.

Jeulia Moissanite Round Cut Vintage Gold Ring

Super-skinny band is definitely the most in-demand setting. Many brides-to-be love the thin delicate band because it is classic with a modern edge and makes the Moissanite really pop! This setting is timeless and amazing for styling with other rings.

Jeulia Two Tone Intertwined Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

The twisted ring style incorporates two pieces of metal that intertwine to create the band that supports the main diamond.  The band can further be customized with diamonds and this ring trend suits a bride who is looking to bring a personal touch to her jewelry.

Jeulia Simple Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Solitaires are a style of ring that has a single diamond. Simple but powerful, this style of womens engagement rings is the perfect option for minimalist brides who are seeking a refined look.  Solitaires are rising in popularity and this delicate and timeless touch style is not going anywhere.

Like what you see above?  Then visit Jeulia, the leading jeweler store with an impressive range of affordable engagement rings that are designed and handcrafted at their state-of-the-art studio.  Every piece of jewelry is beautifully custom-made using only the most precious metals and finest quality stones to bring it to life. Stay on-trend and find your perfect match at Jeulia.

Affordable and Chic Bridesmaid Dress Trend For 2020

Planning a 2021 wedding? You are probably snowed under with decisions from the wedding theme to the seating plan.  And then there are the bridesmaid dresses to think about. One of the hottest topics in wedding planning is the bridesmaids’ dresses.  Are you on the hunt for some stylish bridesmaids dresses that will set your squad apart?

Well no worries, because you can now set your eyes on some of the most stylish and affordable bridesmaid dresses from My Chic Dress,  an international online retailer specializing in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom formal dresses.  They have been taking care of all bridal needs since 2012 with its expansive dress collection, the highest level of customer service, and the ultimate shopping experience.  Do read on to see the existing trends with serious staying-power, to new looks that your bridesmaids will want to be wearing this year.

Summer Beach Bridesmaid Dress

Your maids can totally glow in this V-neck chiffon dress.  The iridescent fabric creates a statement-worthy look that is fit for any fashionable event.  Explore the range of fabrics, designs, and colors available in My Chic Dress collection of v-neck bridal party dresses.

A pretty and romantic dress trend, off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses allow your bridesmaids to show off their shoulders while modestly covering their arms.  It adds elegance by softening the neckline with a graceful draped effect.

Halter bridesmaid dresses offer a fresh, fun look or a look of sophisticated elegance. Halter-neck bridal party dresses are great for the bridesmaids who want to wear their hair up or want to wear minimal jewelry.

This dress style comes in a variety of designs. There are halter bridal party dresses with high necklines, sweetheart necklines, and V-necklines. Halter-style bridesmaid dresses with ruffles add a feminine air.

My Chic Dress has a stunning range of cheap chiffon bridesmaid dresses that are sure to wow your guests and flatter your bridal party.  Hurry and check them out for chic and trendy or charming and classic bridal party dresses.

Modern Tea Length Bridesmaid Dresses

You may have already said yes to the dress, but now comes the second biggest challenge when it comes to wedding fashion snd that is finding bridesmaid dresses that will flatter each of your attendants on your big day.  This is the second most important dresses after a girl’s prom night.  Choosing a bridesmaid dress is a fun, bonding activity that the bride and her closest girlfriends will get to experience together.  Having a clear line of communication with them throughout the process of choosing a bridesmaid dress will result in everyone’s happiness.  Deciding on the bridesmaid dress vision is such an important step in the process. It is really important to make sure the bridesmaid dresses match the season which the bride will be getting married in.

So if you are planning a more casual wedding, then tea length bridesmaid dresses will work just fine.  Tea-length dresses are dresses with a hemline that falls just below the knee or brushes the lower calf.  They are having a serious moment this year. This semi-formal length gives off a fun, retro vibe but still feels sophisticated.  Formal enough for a special occasion yet full of personality and movement, tea-length bridesmaid dresses are always in style.

Below are some of the most beautiful tea-length bridesmaid dresses from Yesbabyonline.


A mermaid silhouette will look magnificent and delicate lace is the finishing touch to this stunning look. These tea length lace mermaid gowns are timeless, and your squad will look back on their photos and smile.

When the temperature drops or if your girls prefer to cover up, you cannot go wrong with a dress with sleeves. These off-shoulder style with lace sleeves are figure-flattering.

Your closest friends will glow with confidence as they celebrate your marriage in beautiful tea-length bridesmaid dresses perfectly paired to the wedding theme.  As you plan your big day and scout out the best styles for your celebration, Yesbabyonline is here to help every step of the way.

The Best Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Buy Online

While the wedding day itself usually goes by without a hitch, the wedding planning process can be rather overwhelming. From finalizing the venue,  food and flowers to finding the perfect dress, modern brides have a lot to consider in the run-up to their big day. What’s harder than all this? Searching for bridesmaid dresses for your squad at a budget and design that they can all agree on.

Whether you are a bride looking to keep the cost down on your big day or a bridesmaid who has been asked by your best friend to stand next to her on a wedding day as a support system, do scroll through to find gowns at a price that is friendly to your pocket from Babyonlinewholesale (  This online retail store has the best bridal party dresses that can be worn time and time again so that they are worth the investment.

Simple Deep V-Neck Short Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses Ruffles Sheath Wedding Party Dress

Lilac is a popular color for bridesmaid dressing. Softer hues in particular photograph beautifully and complement all complexions like this simple V-neck short sleeve dress (

Short Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Lace Top with Sash Modest Maid of the Honor Dresses

Be prepared to get a million compliments in this short chiffon lace top dress (, because it looks and feels) worthy of a designer price tag.

The off-shoulder open back sweetheart neckline mermaid dress ( will flatter the entire bridal party. Plus, it comes in many hues so you may choose the color that matches your theme.

Wedding Gown Ideas For Beach Wedding

Planning a beach wedding soon?  Whether it is held at your summer getaway home or an exotic beach destination, a beach wedding can be a wonderful experience for the newlyweds and their guests.  It is like a little vacation for everyone.  Planning for a wedding is no easy feat and a wedding by the beach has its unique challenges.  Here are some of the important things to know when planning a nuptial on the beach.  The sea is one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding and it is advisable to have the wedding during day time.  Once sunset is here, the water becomes black and would not look good in the photos.  Having a daytime wedding can be tricky as some flowers cannot stand the heat.  Thus it is important to choose flowers that will not wilt quickly like orchids, calla lilies and succulents which are very popular now.

The most important thing of all is, of course, the wedding dress of the bride.  Not all dresses, fabrics and veil styles work for a beach wedding.  It is not advisable to have a ballgown with a long train.   A beach wedding attire that is constructed of a lighter fabric like chiffon, silk or charmeuse which allows the gown to flow in the ocean breeze is a better choice.

There is a wide range of beach wedding dresses at Babyonlinedress ( that are just perfect for a wedding on the beach.

Chiffon A-Line Asymmetrical Ruffles Sweetheart Sleeveless Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

This chiffon A-Line asymmetrical ruffled sweetheart sleeveless dress will move beautifully in the sea breeze (

Short beach wedding dresses are perfect because they feel laidback and eliminate the issue of sand in your hem (

You cannot go wrong with this bateau sleeve simple chiffon dress (

Head over to Babyonlinedress for some super romantic without all the fuss dresses.