Fabulosity Perfume by Baby Phat


Baby Phat has launched its newest fragrance called Fabulosity by Kimora Lee.  The lovely perfume bottle comes in the shape of a sparkling diamond.  Fabulosity has a hypnotizing blend of oriental fruity floral fragrance and features notes of plum, orange blossom, tiger lily, “mysterious forbidden fruit”, damask plum skin, Chinese osmanthus, coconut milk, purple violet, Tasmanian honey, vanilla absolute, patchouli and amber.

Baby Phat Fabulosity comes in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Experience truly fab days with Baby Phat Fabulosity now.  If you like this scent, check out your nearest retailers or visit babyphat.com.

Women Shoes For Spring & Summer 2008

Spring and summer are near and now is the best time to update your shoe collection.  What’s hot this year?  Peep toes shoes are in and so are wedge shoes.  These stunning open toe shoes from sexyshoes.co.uk have a cute bow on the front and prove that gorgeous shoes can be comfy too.


Sandals were also featured at the recent Milan Fashion Week.  There is really not limit with it comes to women’s shoes.  For those who want casual comfort, do try Birkenstock or Crocs.

Jenny & Her Twins

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins, Max and Emme on Feb 22 in Long Island, New York.  Here are some photos of  Jennifer and her hubby, Marc Anthony with their 1 month old babies.  These photos were taken in their Long Island home and the nursery. What a beautiful family.



An Eggselent Idea


These brilliantly colored egg planters are perfect for your garden.  Each planter is ready-to-hang and is made of ceramic.  They also have four drain holes with plastic stoppers, making these planters perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens.  You can create a cheerful rainbow-coloured garden with these handmade egg planters.  Available in light aqua, orange, olive, navy blue or yellow at $85 each.   Get them now at UncommonGoods.com.

Bra Baby

Do you normally wash your underwire bras in the washing machine? If yes, then have your bras been ruined by the washing machine before? You know, like when the wire is no longer intact when you take it out, the straps become tangled or the paddings of your expensive bra is crushed?   Well, worry no more as the Bra Baby is here to save the day.  Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the end of the inner shell.  Then, tuck the straps inside the shell and snap the outer shell around the bra.  The Bra Baby has a unique flow-through design which allows water to gently clean your delicate.  It also protects them from the weight of your other clothes during the spin cycle.  Bra Baby is also dryer safe. For the perfect bra-washing solution, check out BraBaby.com today.  Available at $19.95 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free).


Accessorize Your Room

I find that decorative light switch covers are fun decorations and can complete the look of your room.  The light switch below is just perfect for your child’s bedroom.  It features children in bright coloured outfits playing games. This lightswitch fits a standard size double lightswitch.  Time to replace your boring white switch covers with these.  Check out more designs at dexterandemma.etsy.com.


Cutesy Bibs


Check out these cute little bibs which are great for kids.  These Bumkins bibs are made from soft and lightweight fabric.  Don’t you just like the retro design?  You don’t have to worry about your baby’s clothes getting wet and messy during feeding time as these bibs are water-proof and have well-designed pockets to catch crumbs .  They are easy to wash and dry super fast.  Just rinse it off in the sink and lay it on the counter to dry.  Get a few for your kids today.   Available at Bumkins.com in a pack of 3 for $18.95.

Knicker Picker

When you shop for lingerie online, have you ever wondered how the lingerie would look on you? Well at KnickerPicker.com, you can now have choose from three different sized live models to try out the underwear that you like the most.  If you want a closer look at the lingerie, just ask the model to step a little closer to the screen.  She could even turn around to show you the back. This is really fun!  You can shop for brand names like Calvin Klein, Princess Tam Tam, Lona Luna and more.  Hmm..I am sure the men would love to visit this website.  Oh, for those who don’t have a clue what to get their wives or girlfriends, they can check out the Boy’s Buying Guide.


Free samples : Salonpas

If you suffer from body aches and pain, you may want to use Salonpas medicated pads.  They are best to treat minor back or joint pain as well as stiffness of neck and shoulder.  You can get some free samples to try them out.  Just visit https://salonpas.us/free_sample.php.  Salonpas is a fast, effective and powerful penetrating pain relief.  


Massage Your Aches Away


Foot Rubz is a simple foot/hand massager which is based on Asian Acupuncture techniques.  Just roll the Foot Rubz rubber ball to stimulate your toes or any part of your body.  Whether you are watching tv at home or sitting in front of your computer at work, you can just use this ball to stimulate the nerve which helps to promote good circulation.  Foot Rubz is available at massagewarehouse.com for $4.99.