Dress For Dinner Napkin

If you love throwing dinner parties, this is something you should have in your home. The Dress For Dinner Napkin is reaIly cool and funny.  I am sure your guests will be tickled pink when they put these napkins on to protect their best tee.  Come in four styles, you can choose between stripes, solid or polka dots.  $6 for 20 pieces at Spoonsisters.com.   Wonder if they have one for the ladies like a plunging neckline?

Color Coding Chopping Boards

I would really love to have this in my kitchen – an Index Chopping Board.  It is color-coded for the different types of food we handle.  Red for raw meat, White for cooked foods, Blue for fish and Green for vegetables and fruits. All the boards are dishwasher safe and are stored in a vertical filing unit.  If you worry about cross-contamination in your kitchen, get one  ($85) at MoMaStore.org.

Fancy Doorstops For Your Home

Oh I would love to get some of these cute door stoppers for my home.  They are available in 2 lovely colours – blue and green.  When you don’t need it to stop your door, simply stand the tube upright to keep it out of the way.  The tube doorstopper ($12) is made of silicone and easy to clean with soap and water.  If you like this item, swing by uncommongoods.com.

Clean Your Floor With Microfibers Cleaning Slippers

Here is a simple way to clean your floor.  Just slip on a pair of these comfortable dust mop slippers and start gliding across the room.  You can pick up dust, dirt, pet hair and more without the need to bend or stoop.  Best of all, no chemicals are needed.  This microfiber cleaning slippers are 100% cotton and cleaning them is easy too as they are machine washable.  Fits most shoe sizes.  Available at Solutions.com for $9.95.

The Bradgelina Twins Photos

Here are more photos of the twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon.  Proud parents, Angelina and Brad, and their older children, are featured looking so lovingly at their newborns. The twins were born on July 13 at the Lenval hospital in southern France. The Hello! Magazine in the UK and People Magazine from the US have the rights to the first photos of the babies and their happy family.  It was reported that these two magazines paid a staggering price for them.  Brad and Angelina are expected to donate the proceeds to the Jolie-Pitt foundation.

Baby Shower Backdrop|Victoriasmoon BackdropNewborn Backdrops for Photography

Brad and Angelina have their first child, Shiloh in Namibia.  The couple also adopted three children and they are six-year-old Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara aged 3 from Ethiopia, and 4 year old Pax from Vietnam.

Optic Utensil Set

I love the bright colours of these modern utensils. They can certainly give your kitchen a new look and make cooking more fun.  These utensils features a spoon, spatula and fork in whimsical and groovy pattern. The slotted spoon, ladle, pasta server and container are in bold green, bright red, fuchsia and electric blue. Each piece is lightweight and durable in fade-proof melamine.  They are dishwasher safe too. You can find them at Chiasso.com.

Wine-O Cards

Do you love giving bottles of wines as gift but are tired of using those boring gift bags?  Well, here is something unique which you could try when you next hand someone a bottle of wine.  These super hip and creative Wine-O cards fit perfectly around the neck of wine bottles.  They can be opened up for you to write a little note inside.  Works on champagne bottles too.  Wine-O cards come in many fun shapes and patterns. For more designs, visit Wineocards.com.



Washing Machine & Stove

If you have little ones at home who love to help out with the household chores, I am sure they would love these appliances. They can do the laundry and cook to their heart’s content.  These appliances are made of cardboxes and the kids can go crazy with the markers to customize their kitchen appliances.  Available at Generate Design site for $38.

Great Household Tips

Here are some really handy household tips we can use daily.  Do print it out and put a copy on your fridge or anywhere in your kitchen 🙂

Ants Problem
Keep the skin of cucumber near the place or ant hole.

How to get pure and clean ice:
Boil water first before freezing.
How to make the mirror shine:
Clean with spirit
To remove chewing gum from clothes:
Keep the cloth in the freezer for an hour.
To whiten white clothes
Soak white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 minutes 10.
 To give a shine to hair:
Add one teaspoon of vinegar to hair, then wash hair.
To get maximum juice out of lemons:
Soak lemons in hot water for one hour, and then juice them.
To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking:
Keep a piece of bread on the cabbage in the vessel while cooking.
To rid the smell of fish from your hands:
Wash your hands with a little apple vinegar.
 To avoid tears while cutting onions:
Chew gum.
 To boil potatoes quickly:
Skin one potato from one side only before boiling.
 To boil eggs quickly:
Add salt to the water and boil.
 To check freshness of fish:
Put it in a bowl of cold water. If the fish floats, it’s fresh.
 To check freshness of eggs:
Put the egg in water. If it becomes horizontal, it’s fresh. If it becomes slanting, its 3-4 days old. If it becomes vertical, its 10 days old. If it floats, it’s stale.
 To remove ink from clothes:
Put toothpaste on the ink spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash.
To skin sweet potatoes quickly:
Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.
 To get rid of mice or rats:
Sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats. They will run away.

Hope you will find these tips useful.  Does anyone know how to get rid of pesky lizards at home?  I just hate them and can’t seem to make them go away.  I have tried those sticky traps but the lizards are too smart for them 🙁  Any suggestions will be helpful 😀

Yoga Candle Holders

Yoga lovers are going to love these unique and zen looking yoga candle holders in their homes.  These cool holders are handmade using iron rods.  There are 3 yoga poses to choose from  i.e. child’s pose, cobra and downward facing dog. Each holder comes with one votive candle.  Available at Uncommongoods.com at $35 each.  Makes a wonderful gift for yoga fans and also those who want to bring balance and calm into a room, just like what yoga does to a body.