Pasta & Parmesan Tool

This Scandanavian designed Pasta and Parmesan Tool ($16) is a really handy utensil in the kitchen.  The handle end of the tool can be used to measure pasta portion and the fork end of the tool can be used to pick up pasta and sauce.  Finally, you can grate your parmesan with the built-in grater.  What a cool three kitchen tools in one from Sagaform.  Buy it now from

Gorgeous Swimwear For All

Shopping for some funky swimwear this summer? Well just head over to  They have over 600 styles for your to choose from and they carry more than 40 designer brands.  Their extensive collection of designer swimwear are the latest styles and some have been featured in leading fashion magazines. offers one of the largest online selections of swimsuits for men, women, children, flip-flops and cover-ups.  Hurry and head to the pools or beach in sexy swimwear from

Oakley Split Thump Sunglasses

This is the latest sunglasses from Oakley and it is called The Split Thump.  It not only looks good but it has a built-in MP3 player for the wearer to listen to his/her favourite tunes with speakers that adjust easily and come out when not needed.  The Split Thump is durable and lightweight.  It is compatible with the iTunes® Plus Music Store* and it’s AudibleReady® so you can listen to your favorite audio books and podcasts. It is also compatible with AAC (.m4a), MP3, WMA, WMA with DRM 9.0, and WAV formats.  Available in Polished Black or Brown Smoke frames.  This sunglasses is pretty cool.  Check out Oakley for more information.

Photos of Angelina Jolie’s Twins

Can anyone tell me where I can find them?  I just can’t wait to see the twins.  I heard that Angelina Jolie and the babies, Knox and Vivienne have checked out of the hospital last Saturday and are now resting at the family’s $70 million rented house in nearby Miraval, France.  The US Weekly reported that Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh who were accompanied by their daddy, each handed their mom a single flower on the day after the twins were born.  Ain’t that sweet 😀  Now, I wonder how Brad and Angie are going to handle 6 kids 🙂

(photos are from

Organizing Your Closet

If you want to free up some space in your closet, this Twenty-Trouser Closet Organizing Rack is the best solution.  The rack is 18″ wide and can keep 20 pairs of slack neatly hung.  It is easily mounted to a closet door or wall and has 10-gauge steel support bracket that holds 20 birch dowels so you can hang your trousers flush against the wall.  You can also swing them out individually. There is a one-inch spacing between the dowels which allows for easy visibility of each pair of pants.  Check out this great closet organizer at Hammacher Schlemmer (   It makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.


Stay In Shape With FitFlops

Ever since I gave birth to my daughter 3 years ago, I have been trying to lose about 10 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Trust me, it is really not easy to lose those pregnancy pounds. I have tried dieting and exercising but I did not have the willpower to stick to them. Recently I just discovered a weight loss method which I believe that I would be able to follow for a long time 🙂 All I have to do is to wear a pair of sandals. Yes, you heard right. A pair of FitFlops is all I need to burn calories.

These miraculous shoes are taking the world by storm now. It claims to be able to tone and trim thigh, calves as well as buttocks. Fit flops have a unique built multi-density midsole which absorb shock and activate muscle midstep. Every step I take in the Fit flop will help to tone, tighten and trim my legs. FitFlops also helps to improve blood circulation, balance and posture. According to some reviews, people will get more exercise just wearing a pair of FitFlops than wearing regular shoes. Those with chronic back pain from walking can also benefit from these amazing shoes. They are available in a few colours like red, black, navy, brown, silver and gold. I heard that they are absolutely comfortable too and I just cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of Fitflops. So, if you too want to stay in shape, hurry and grab yours now from

Simple Fashion Fix-its

Deodorant Stains
These unsightly marks can be removed by using baby wipes. With just a few swipes, the marks will be gone. Many people encounter this often so it is a good idea to keep a box of baby wipes handy.
Spit Ups
You can neutralize the sour smell of baby spit up by using a moistened cloth sprinkled with baking soda. Dab the spot with it and the smell will disappear.
Sad Suede
If you would like to revitalize worn suede, just rub the material with an old pair of pantyhose. The nylon pantyhose cleans off lint and loose dirt with wearing down the material.

Wedding Photos of Carina Lau and Tony Leung

Tony Leung and Carina Lau, one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated couple had their wedding in Bhutan.  The lavish wedding was held at the luxurious Uma Paro hotel. As the couple wanted the wedding to be private and peaceful, the hotel was heavily guarded to keep the paparazzi at bay.  There were about 80 or so guests at their wedding. Celebrity guests include filmmaker Stanley Kwan, actress Brigitte Lin, and former pop diva Faye Wong and her actor husband, Li Yapeng.  Wong Kar-Wai, the award-winning film director was in charge of planning the wedding. It was rumoured that the dowry cost HK1mil and Carina’s diamond ring is worth HK2mil.  Tony Leung, 46, and Carina Lau, 42, have been together for 19 years.  The happy couple looked so beautiful in the traditional Bhutan costume as well as in the modern wedding attire.  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Leung 🙂

Space-Saving BBQ

I came across this really cool fold-up barbecue which is absolutely great for those who stay in the apartments or neatniks 😀   These brilliantly designed portable barbeques are available in 2 different styles; the Fold Flat BBQ and the Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ.   If you feel the need for some summer sizzling at the garden, patio, deck or outdoor park, just bring this portable briefcase along.  It expands to 48 x 35cm cooking area when opened and work with coal.  This Carry-And-Go Briefcase Barbecue is the latest technolgy in barbecue.  It is a breeze to whisk off to your perfect BBQ spot.  Check them out at 


Portable Placemat

Here is something that I wish I had found out earlier.  No more messy floor when your child eats.  Parents do not have to worry about the food or drinks landing on the child’s lap or on the floor. The TinyDiner protects the baby from germs and has built-in scoop that catches spills.  It has strong suction cups to hold the mat in place.  TinyDiner is made in the USA with safe FDA-compliant materials and is durable, flexible and washable.  This portable placemat can be easily rolled up so you can take it wherever you go.  If you are interested in getting one, check out