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  1. Heels Trend Spring 2019

    March 27, 2019 by barbara

    So you are not a fan of athleisure dad’s sneakers eh? Well no worries because here is one shoe trend that is hot on the heels of celebrities and fashionistas (pun intended). It is the classic low heel grandmother’s shoes. The sensible heel heights and designs that embody the classic style is a comfortable shoe that is bubbling up this spring.

    Charles & Keith Block Heel Pump
    Urban Outfitters Rachel Slingback
    Mustard Slingback from Zara

  2. Prom Dresses UK

    March 27, 2019 by barbara

    If you are wondering where to buy prom dresses that look like a million bucks but would not bust your budget, the answer is at Milly Bridal UK. Whether it is a full-length, glamorous gown for prom or a shorter dress that you have been dreaming about, you will have good luck finding one that makes you look dazzling at Milly Bridal UK. This online retailer is a bridal shop but it has a large selection of head-turning beautiful dresses that would be equally appropriate at a prom.

    Prom season is here. This event might be one of the biggest events of a girl’s high school life. You have got a date and now you would probably want to look and feel as special as the occasion, and this starts with finding the perfect prom dress. Picking out a prom dress can be both exciting and stressful. Stepping out for prom requires a show-stopping dress, whether it is a ball gown or something sleek and sexy. Prom can be pretty pricey but it does not have to be.

    At Milly Bridal UK, you can find sexy and sparkling long prom dresses uk, dramatic and chic mermaid gowns or romantic and floral gowns. Every girl deserves a moment in her life when she feels like she is on top of the world and it is Milly Bridal UK’s job to help you find the perfect prom dress that fits your body, dreams and budget! 

    So hurry and head over to shop their trendy, inexpensive prom dresses and be ready to shine. Don’t forget to check out their wide range of plus size prom dresses uk.

  3. How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit My Hand?

    March 26, 2019 by barbara

    A designer engagement ring is an item that you will cherish for your entire life. It symbolises your relationship and joy. An engagement ring is also something that will be seen countless times, a lifelong accessory, one that people will often ask to see. As such, choosing a ring  should be done with utmost care and consideration. While the size of the ring and its comfort on your finger is important, there are numerous variations and subtleties that may or may not be flattering to your hand shape, size, or your personal style.

    For longer fingers, a larger stone is often recommended. A popular cut, such as round or princess, is particularly desirable as the length of the finger offsets the size and width of the stone. A wider band may also be used to flatter a hand by having a shortening effect on the finger. A longer finger offers great versatility when considering a more extravagant fit, such as an open or shield design.

    Alternatively, those with shorter fingers will usually be happier with an entended shape stone. An oval or pear-cut stone will add length to the finger. A stone set lengthways on the band, referred to as a marquise design, will also appear to elongate the finger. Alongside a smaller stone, selecting a more delicate width of band will also create an overall daintier impression.

    Those with wider fingers are inclined to choose a slimmer band, however, this will typically have an adverse effect and will likely accentuate the strength of the hand. Opting instead for a wider band will be more complimentary to the hand’s shape. A larger stone, one with a dramatic shape, will also be more flattering. Winder fingers are adaptable, a quality that should be embraced with more pronounced designs, such as a cluster.

    Finally, those with thinner fingers may want to choose a larger stone coupled with a slightly wider band, which will balance the overall shape of the finger. However, to embrace the petiteness, a slim, marquise cut, with a pear or cushion-cut diamond may be appropriate. Also, with a smaller finger, comfort is an important factor to keep in mind. While you certainly want to celebrate your love, choosing a ring and stone too larger may, ultimately, strain the finger.

    Each finger, however, is entirely unique, as is the person. While these tips are helpful to consider, the most helpful suggestion that could be given when choosing designer engagement rings is to seek professional service. High-end and reputable designers will give you expert advice on each aspect of your ring selection. They will not only consider every aspect of both your hand and the ring but also take into account your personality, a quality that is especially important to compliment. Their guidance draws from years of experience, matching high-quality engagement rings with a variety of fingers and people, making it the best way to feel totally comfortable selecting the ring to represent your love and relationship.

  4. Prom Dresses Trend 2019

    March 26, 2019 by barbara

    Your prom dress is something a girl would likely remember for the rest of her life. Instead of going to the regular stores in town, you might want to check out the dress options online. Prom websites often have hundreds or thousands of different styles and a wider range of sizes than you would find in brick-and-mortar stores

    If you are looking for the latest collection of cheap prom dresses online, then you must check out Suzhouse dress, an online retailer which has an amazing range of beautiful prom dresses that fit every girl’s personal style. All their dresses are fine-designed and made from high-quality fabric.  It is very easy to shop at this online store as you can choose dresses according to your budget.  It makes it easier for you to narrow down your search.

    Keeping the essence of this special day in mind, offers cute short prom dresses that can be easily brought at pocket-friendly prices. You can find a large variety of outfits, ranging from sexy long prom dresses to short prom dresses at affordable rates.

    With embellishments now spotted on everything, from T-shirts to shoes, it is no wonder that sparkle is a huge trend for prom dresses and special occasion dresses. Even if your everyday style is more casual or classic, make prom your night to shine in a dress like below.  The perfect prom dress is not complete without a little extra *sparkle*.

    So if you are looking for cheap prom dresses online, just head over to   Their dresses are pretty much guaranteed to make you feel like a princess.

  5. Beauty Hacks

    March 22, 2019 by barbara

    Came across some of these quick and easy beauty hacks that we can apply.  Check them out below:-

    Great Smelling Hair

    If you want your hair to smell amazing, you can buy a strong scented shampoo.  Alternatively, you can spray perfume onto your hairbrush and brush your hair several times.

    Eye Shadow Root Touchup

    If you notice that your roots are starting to show and you are in a hurry, use this simple hack to touch them up. Take a little eye shadow, in the shade that matches your hair, and use a makeup brush to blend it into your roots.

    Hide Blemishes

    Trying to hide blemishes? Use a small brush to apply your concealer and foundation to the blemish. All it takes is a dot to make the blemish disappear. Then, apply powder on top to set them in place.

    Lighten Dark Armpits

    If the skin on your armpits is too dark, lighten it with potatoes. Grind the potato into a compress, and then place it on your skin for about an hour. Your armpits will be lighter.

    Foot Odor Hack

    Use dry shampoo to cut down on smelly foot odor. To use this hack, spray the bottom of your foot with the dry shampoo before putting on your footwear. The shampoo would absorb any oils or sweat generated by your feet, keeping down the stinky smell.

    Soften Your Heels

    If you have calloused feet, soak your feet to soften them. Mix together 2 cups warm water, 1 cup vinegar, and 1/2 cup baking soda. Soak them for about 20 minutes, and then dry with a towel and rehydrate.

    Longer-Lasting Perfume Scent

    To make the scent of your perfume last longer, apply a little Vaseline to the areas where you apply the perfume beforehand. The Vaseline should keep the perfume from wearing off too quickly, making its scent stick around longer.

    Whiten Teeth

    Strawberries are naturally acidic, which makes them great at whitening teeth. Just use caution: Natural teeth whitening treatments can be hard on your teeth. If you feel sensitivity, stop and consider speaking to a dentist. To whiten your teeth, mix 1 teaspoon of grated strawberries with 1 teaspoon of baking soda, then use it as a substitute for your toothpaste about twice a month.

  6. Where To Buy Cheap Prom Dresses Online

    March 20, 2019 by barbara

    Every girl wishes to end her high school year with a memorable prom night. It is an essential part of the American culture.  Therefore, looking sharp for this occasion is an absolute necessity.  Prom is an unforgettable night where girls can experiment with their look and can shine like the way they always wanted.  However, it does come with a major price tag. Everything from the tickets, the chauffeur, the shoes, the hair, the bling. Before you know it, all these add up to $500 or more and that is not even including your gown.

    Thankfully, it is super easy to cut costs on the most expensive as well as the most important prom investment which is your dress.   If you are looking for cheap prom dresses that would not bust your bank?  Well, head over to  This online retailer has racks of dresses to choose from no matter what your prom theme or your budget is.   Known for their affordable and quality gowns, they have got everything from blinged-out dresses to massive tulle gowns.  Here are some of its beautiful collection:-

    For those who are looking to go more laid-back for prom, grab a tea-length dress like the above.

    If you want full-on glam, you would love their all-sequin gowns such as the one shown above.

    The suzhoudress prom dresses collection has something for every girl.  They have an amazing selection of hues ranging from soft pastels, to bright colors, to trendy metallic shades. Prom styles are designed to fit a variety of shapes from petite to plus size.  They also have a great selection of affordable dresses under $100. So hurry and find the dress that would let you shine on prom night.

  7. Everyone Should Get This Zara Blouse Now

    March 15, 2019 by barbara

    Stop the press! Everyone should have this Organza Blouse With Bow Detail from Zara.  This statement piece is so hot right now and fashion influencers have been spotted wearing this blouse on Instagram.  The blouse features a pussy bow collar and puff sleeves (my favorite) in sheer organza.  It has a retro vibe eh?  This blouse is currently available in a monochrome polka dot print, or a lovely bright shade of jade green.  Just perfect for Spring and you can even wear a blazer or a jacket over it to keep warm.

  8. A Comfortable Summer Trend That Everyone Should Have

    March 15, 2019 by barbara

    Everyone knows that trends come and go.  For some trends, we may love them or hate them.  So when we find a good one, we do not let it go.  Recently when jumpsuits or rompers were spotted on runways as well as on editors and fashion influencers, we most definitely were not complaining.

    Comfortable, minimal and perfect for activities,  the humble romper has managed to infiltrate every summer wardrobe, and this trend is only getting bigger from here.   A romper is a versatile piece that can be combined with everything you have in your closet. They come in all forms, shapes, prints and fabrics.  You can style them in countless ways with different kind of clothes.  Rompers can be worn as casual or a more dressy look at formal parties or dinners.

    For the more casual dates, beach-to-street outfits, and chill weekend-style,  rompers that are short and with prints like floral, subtle patterns, v-neck cuts and spaghetti straps will scream summer all over.  Feeling comfortable, looking stunning, and beating the heat of summer has never been so trendy.

    If you are looking for elegant rompers, then go for solid-color ones which are perfect for formal occasions, as they will definitely make you stand out in the crowd of skirts, dresses, and pantsuits.

    Whether you decide to go for a long-sleeved V-neck cut for a business-chic style, or spaghetti straps for a more casual, summer vibe, wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, a prom, or a party can never be a mistake.

    To complete the look and rock your romper style this summer, it is crucial to choose the right pair of shoes to wear with this one-piece. Wearing the right pair of shoes can be the difference between a great outfit.   Check out these women’s comfort sandals for the beach to street look this summer. 

    Wear a pair of high heels if you want to add a bit of height when wearing a romper to a more formal event.  The best type of shoes to wear with jumpsuits are pointed toe pumps, without being too dressy but not too casual, either.

  9. Where To Shop For Affordable Wedding Dresses

    March 11, 2019 by barbara

    June through October are the more popular months to get married.  The warm and sunny weather during these months makes them a favorite time of the year to get married.  After setting the date of your big day, the next most important decision to make will be choosing your wedding dress.  Every bride wants to have a dress that leaves them feeling like a million dollars and also look like a princess at the same time without having to dig deep into your pockets. Shopping for a wedding dress is a long process.

    Wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are the center of attention at all weddings.  Have you planned for your big day but could not find a wedding dress that is within your budget?    Well, no worries because you can now look for your perfect wedding dress online.  Buying online will save you a lot of time in your search for the perfect wedding gown and everything can be done with just a few clicks of a mouse.  The best place to shop for dresses for your big day is at Suzhousedress.

    They are a leading online wedding dress designer and retailer for wedding dresses, evening dresses, gowns and more.  Their gorgeous collection of high quality yet affordable beautiful dresses are designed by professional designers with top craftsmanship.  Every dress undergoes an extensive testing and quality control procedure. They have been in business for over 10 years already.

    Wedding dresses come in different shades of white as well as hundreds of different designs. At their website, you can find different categories such as Beach wedding dresses, ball gown wedding dresses, A-Line wedding dresses and many more.   It is very easy to shop on this fantastic website.  You can also choose dresses according to price range and style.  It makes it easier for you to narrow down your search.  Suzhou wedding dress is all you need for your wedding dress shopping.

  10. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Engaged

    March 10, 2019 by barbara

    Hot in the news! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just announced their engagement on Instagram and the social media just went crazy.

    After being together for slightly over a year,  they posted a photo of them holding hands with a huge emerald-cut diamond on J Lo’s hand. She put hearts on her post while Alex’s post captioned “she said yes”. Awwww.

    Check out J Lo’s post below.