Where Can I Buy Cheap Wholesale Handbags?

Now, handbags are essential personal items for every woman. If you observe carefully, you will find that women will carry a handbag on every occasion, such as on the way to work, shopping, dating, and traveling. They may buy one or several handbags to hold things or to decorate clothes. It can be certain that women are the largest consumer group of handbags. As a smart person who knows how to do business won’t be miss the rare business opportunity. So, where can I buy cheap wholesale handbags?

As a businessman specializing in handbags, it is very important for us to find a cheap and reliable handbag wholesaler. The low price given by the wholesaler means that you can make more difference and get more profit from wholesale handbags. But the cheaper the thing is, the more trap will be. Thus, we need to choose the right handbag wholesalers extremely carefully. A reliable handbag wholesaler can not only guarantee not to suffer losses but also reduce a lot of trouble for stable long-term cooperation. Here, I recommend one to you that is wholesale7.net.


Wholesale7.net is an online clothing wholesale platform established in China, having 10 years from now. The products sold include wholesale handbags, skirts, high heels, accessories, and other items.

In the past ten years, wholesale7’s consumer group has gradually expanded from the initial part of the region to the global market, delivering goods to more than 200 companies around the world. Now, wholesale has been harvesting a large number of regular consumers. If you are going to do wholesale handbags business, this is a good choice for you.

Wholesale7’s Main Business


Bags are one of the main sales products of Wholesale7 including bags of various styles, which can be divided into two categories: men’s bags and women’s bags.

Women’s bags include Phone Bags, Mini Bags, Storage Bags, Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Clutch Bags, Backpacks, Tote Bags, Wallets, and other styles. Men’s bags include Messenger Bags, Men Bumbag, Men Backpacks, Men Wallets, etc. In addition to having more styles of bags, the website also carefully lists recent popular styles for customers, such as PVC Bags, Personalized Bags, Crossbody Bag, Chain Bags, Straw Handbags, Canvas Shoulder Bag, etc.

The prices of these bags are mostly concentrated in less than ten dollars, and the price of a few bags fluctuates between ten and twenty dollars. The same is true for wholesale handbags. On the whole, the price of bags sold by wholesale7.net is not high.

Women’s Clothing

Throughout the year, the sales volume of women’s clothing ranks ahead of other clothing. The most popular products on Wholesale7.net are apparels that cost less than $5, including Outerwear, Blouses, T-shirts, Tanks & Camisoles, Shorts & Hot Pants, Long Pants & Cropped, Printed Dresses, Solid Dresses, Tie Dye Dresses, Shirt Dresses, Bodycon Dresses, T-Shirt Dresses and so on.

Here, you can almost find the popular women’s clothing, which you don’t need to spend time and cost to analyze this year’s fashion trends. And the price of these clothes is the same as that of wholesale handbags. Like dresses, the very popular floral skirts this year are generally sold at less than $20. Whether you are buying a few dresses or buying in large quantities, the prices are very affordable.

Male Clothing

Although women are the main force in clothing consumption, the consumption level of men is not low. Whloesale7 provides customers all over the world with various styles of men’s clothing, such as sweaters, coats, jeans, sports pants, casual pants, shorts, etc. These clothes have the same advantages of high quality and low price as women’s clothing, which are very competitive in the market. Choosing wholesale7 as a wholesaler can not only get very high profits but also win the praise of consumers.

Children’s Clothing

Except for men’s and women’s clothing for adults, wholesale7 also operates a children’s clothing business. The sales types of children’s clothing include tops, pants, dresses, swimwear and family suits, etc., covering a wide range. Women’s clothing is the number one in sales, and then the children’s clothing can be ranked second in sales. For such a large profit, I guess you don’t want to miss this good opportunity to make money.

Advantages Of Shopping At Wholesale7

Good Quality And Cheap

Whether starting a company or doing a small business, what we care about most is how much profit we can get. The profit is based on the sales price minus the cost. If the price of the product you buy is low enough, the profit will be higher when you sell it.

I think every consumer wants to buy a product with a high-cost performance at the lowest price. If the price of the product you buy is exquisite and the quality of the product is high, you don’t need to worry that no one will patronize your business. When your customers increase, are you still worried about not making money? Wholesale7 can stand out among many wholesalers by relying on high-quality and inexpensive products.

Fast Logistics

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the time has also become an expensive cost. When you see that a product is selling well, you want to take the opportunity to buy a batch of goods for sale. If your supplier’s delivery logistics are very slow at this time, your potential customers may be snatched away by others.

Wholesale7 has a complete logistics mechanism. As long as the customer places an order, it will distribute the goods for the customer within 24 hours. And in the shortest time, the products will be delivered to the customers intact.

Good After-sales Service

Many wholesalers promise perfect after-sales service to customers before the products are sold. After they sell the product and get the money, they will disappear without a trace when you find them. If you want to return the product, there is no way to do anything.

Wholesale7 has a complete return mechanism, allowing customers to return after 30 days. If you think there is a problem with the purchased product, you can return it. Then you don’t have to suffer losses.

The most important thing in business is to maximize profits. Usually, profit is closely related to cost. Only the lower the cost, the more profit can be obtained. For one hundred dollars, you can only buy one or two products elsewhere, but you can buy more than a dozen products of the same quality at Wholesale7.net. Whether you are dealing in wholesale handbags or wholesale clothing, wholesale7 is a platform worth choosing. If you don’t trust it, you can log on to the website and have a try!

The Top Jewelry Trend For Fall 2020

The new season is here and it is always a good idea to refresh the wardrobe for Fall.  As the temperature starts to drop, it is time to get yourself a new cozy sweater and a great pair of boots to wear with your leggings or denim.  The same goes with your jewelry wardrobe. It is time to leave behind your summer accessories like friendship bracelets and get yourself some bolder ones.

Are you ready for a brand new set of jewelry trend to work into your closet?  The trends that we have been seeing for the past few years on the red carpet and runways continue to evolve.  The recent major runways were filled with this new jewelry trend that is destined to be huge this fall. Runway trends can seem a little intimidating but don’t worry.  These range of jewelry from Gnoce are simple enough to be worn on daily and the best part is that you do not have to break the bank to get them.

Click through to find some of the gorgeous collections of jewelry that you should add to your cart.

Chains continue to be popular this season.  Necklaces range from short to ultra-long and from feminine and delicate to layer and chunky offers a chic rock look.

No other piece of jewelry feels as nostalgic and sweet as charms jewelry.  Remember the time when we all were into accumulating charms for birthdays and milestones?  What great sentimental value!

Charm bracelets are officially back in style and there are hundreds of new ways to rock the look. Go for a chunky gold pendant or perhaps a classic bracelet with multiple charms instead. The options are endless. These cute charms for bracelets will be hard not to click add to the cart.

Whether you are looking for charms for girls or you want to showcase the spooky side with some boo-tiful Halloween charms like the above Gnoce has got you covered.  All your cold-weather outfits look so much better with a little bling.

3 Ways To Instantly Look Slim

Do you have a wedding party to attend?  Or a night out with friends whom you have not seen for a while?  No matter the occasion and you want to look thinner for this special event, well no worries.   Here are 3 fashion tips that can make you look slimmer instantly.  There is no need to diet or workout because, with just a few fashion tricks on how to choose the right flattering piece of clothing to wear, you will instantly feel and look great.

V-Neck Tops

For a slimmer neckline, wear a V-neck which draws attention to the chest instead of the neck.  A V-neck top creates the illusion of a height and slims down a larger frame.  For those with fuller arms, choose tops and shirts with three quarter sleeves.

V-neck T-shirt - Medium plane


Belt is an accessory that helps to give an illusion of a slimmer body.  They are a great addition to the wardrobe.  It helps cinch the waist and add an hourglass shape to your body.  Those with hourglass figure, boyish or pear shape will benefit from wearing a belt.

Chain belt - General plane

Wear Black

Dark clothes have this effect make our outline less visible in dim light. Black clothing can conceal bumps, bulges and folds in our body. This tone draws the eye away from our body to the head, hands and feet.  This would make us appear taller and slimmer.

Wide leg high waist darst jeans - General plane

images are via Mango.com

Top 5 Cozy & Funny Kigurumi Onesie for Kids from Alfagoody

The current pandemic has many of us staying at home indefinitely with our family.  The lockdown has made everyone accustomed to wearing our favorite loungewear or pajamas all day. Once these were only for bedtime but now many children wear them for a little longer than usual.   Whether your kids are doing online lessons or just lounging at home, there is no better time than to get them to wear the comfiest loungewear or pajamas. If they are finding it a challenge to stay at home, wearing a cozy onesie can certainly keep them comfortable while bringing some cheer at home during this trying period.

At Alfagoody, you can find a range of kids’ onesies that are super delightful.  Below are 5 cozy and funny Kigurumi Onesie for Kids that you should check out.

It’s a jungle out there and the King of the Jungle rules the animal kingdom.  This super-soft fleece Lion King onesie will be a big hit with both girls and boys.  The lion king onesie looks majestic and will turn your child into an adorably fierce lion while staying snug.  It features a cute embroidered face, plush mane hood, floppy pair of ears and a long tail.  With a zippered center in front, the onesie is easy to wear and take off.  Its loose fit design allows easy movement.

This green toothless Triceratops onesie is made with the highest quality flannel that is super soft and comfortable. It features a jagged head with three orange horns, soft spikes running down its back, a soft green tail and a white and yellow chest to finish the triceratops look.

Your kid will want to explore the magical world of unicorns when she sees this cute and colorful unicorn onesie.  Made of polyester, it helps to protect your little ones from the cold winter nights. This unicorn onesie will definitely uplift her moods.

This cool black huskie onesie is designed for both boys and girls alike. It features a hood with realistic features of a beloved husky, a matching tail and a zippered white chest.   Made from flannel materials that are ultra-soft to keep your child warm during those cold fall and winter nights.

This adorable MashiMaro onesie is bound to be a big hit with your kids.  It has a cute face, long floppy ears and a matching gray tail.  Made with polar fleece material, it is super soft and feels like a blanket. This onesie is baggy which allows easy movement. The ankle cuff will keep the leggings from slipping.

Onesies are a fun outfit instead of pajamas or loungewear for kids to wear around the house. Eventhough this year is a little different and there may not be a trick-o-treating session, your kids can still don these onesies and have your own Halloween party at home.

Fall Sweater Trends For 2020

Fall is a favorite season for many.  The smell of pumpkin spice and sweet potatoes wafting through the air, decorating the home with pumpkins, and best of all, snuggling up in cute and cozy outfits. Nothing screams autumn quite like putting on a cute fall sweater.  Thanks to the amazing fall sweater trend this year, every woman’s closet is about to be filled with comfy knits.  If you love autumnal sweaters, you are definitely going to love this current trendy look. Are you ready to stock up?  Here are the trendy sweater trends that stood out above the rest.

Color Block Sweater

One of the biggest trends this year is color blocking.  You can choose pastels that will take you from fall all the way to spring or go for a more neutral hue like this brown and tan option.  

Quintessential Plaid

Plaid has been a popular fall pattern for years and this trend is not going away any time soon. This season, you will find many trendy variations of classic plaids on the coziest sweaters. From the iconic tartan plaid to bright colors that are not exactly your typical fall colors, there are a wide range plaid sweaters ready to keep everyone warm and fuzzy this autumn.

Chunky Dad Sweater

Made popular by Taylor Swift in her album Folklore, chunky dad sweaters will be showing up everywhere this season.  You can go for something more neutral like this grey knit or choose a fun and chunky statement sweater. 

Cable Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters have always been famous for their warmth and iconic style. Pair this dense knit sweater with flare wool trousers and ankle boots or layer it over a turtleneck.  You can also pair it with multiple outfits like a transitional summer dress to oversized boyfriend jeans. Find more  tops online to pair them with this lovely sweater.

Fall sweaters are the epitome of knitwear fashion. Not only are they cute, they are functional, too. There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft and snuggly sweater when the cold breeze hits. Nothing is as cozy as a fall knit sweater. From new takes on classic styles to a Taylor Swift-inspired design, these trends are here to make your fall the coziest it can be. 

Human Hair Bundles Can Give You Unique Beauty

The greater part of the beauty are the hairs to many people. Any person who will need to have the human hair wigs will need to get the brilliant hair.  A very good hair then has the chance for beautifying the splendor. This is useful since you will need to look more beautiful. With the human hair bundles you can have the best deals that you will need. They have the best deals that could be best when you are focusing on beauty. If you can take the hair bundles then you will be looking nice. Thus, you will need to get the best that you will be looking for. Here thus you will need to get the best customers whom could be grateful as you will need them. Most customers are taking life to be effective, thus you will need what is best and thus offering you what you will prefer best. Here is the best weave hair that you can consider to grant you the best beauty.

Extraordinary designs of the hairs. The design that you will take as you make the choice matter. It is also fine since the clients will be getting what that can keep them beautiful. With the new trends, this is making the various styles to be very possible.  You could very beautiful when you seek to have u part wig. This is liked by many customers especially those with the mind of become beautiful. They have the good chance for fixing many things that can also be working out. It can be perfect since there is much and more that could also be required. Most clients prefer the cases for getting used to the best weave hair. It is one among what could keep them looking perfect. It helps in managing most of the things that can also matter in the decent way possible.

Best hair extension to the customers. With the possibility of any customers, it is very easy to have the right hair bundle. This is coming due to the wonderful amount of what is given out to them. The customers tend to seek what they prefer perfect in relation to the hair bundle that keeps one beautiful. The specialist is helping in showing possible hairs that can make one to look beautiful. Most customers are thus getting what is best. They are taking it grateful since there is much that comes from keeping one beautiful. Good and available can be fixing things that are more effective.

Human hair bundles are organized with the help of the experts. They are thus designed to fit the beauty of women. There is also consultation that is given in relation to the hairs. This is giving most of the answers that could come due to the cases that are offered. Hair that will make you look decent is what that is organized by those who could be helping. They have the right to get the best focus that can also be rectified in this case. With this condition, then most of the plans could vary based on how good you will look. In dealing with the same cases, then it could be offering the required look that you prefer. It is great when you meet the needs that you prefer most when you are working on the hair.

Searching the best hairs in the site could help out also. Visit the site and be getting the hair bundle that van fit your beauty. This is coming due to the best bundles that you are looking for. When you relate this, then you can find it from the possible choice that comes due to the hairs that matter. The cost that is offered can give you the chance in fixing what could matter. It is thus vey effective when you focus on the best hair that could fit your look. You thus have to be getting what you think could be successful in this way. The feedback on buying what is best then it could matter in the perfect way possible.

Finally, for the purpose of getting the beauty that you need, then asking consistently helps. Here you can be getting what you need. The hair bundles that are of your choices, could be selected based on what matter. If this is what you will be getting, then it can be effective. Available bundles could be best when you are taking them within the time that matter. Choosing will show you how best you will look. It is about what you pick. If you are picking what is best then, you can be secure. Think more on what you will also plan as you choose what best fits you. This is the useful approach that could help you to look beautiful. Make use of this as you will find the right-hair bundle to keep you beautiful.

How To Wear Graphic Tee In Fall & Winter

A graphic tee is a closet staple.  It is a favorite top to wear as it can take you from summer into fall.  They are super comfortable and highly versatile.   Graphic tees can be worn simply just with shorts and jeans.  For a more dress-up look, pair it with heels or a dressy skirt. Graphic tees add an instant cool factor to a basic outfit, especially rocker graphic tee which adds an edgy vibe.

Now that we going into fall, the crisp autumn air can get chilly so the need to stay warm could make wearing our favorite tee a bit more difficult. Fret not because here are some creative ways that you can still wear them and that is to layer them under your outfits.  By layering a graphic tee, you can add a bit more coverage and make the outfit more unique and trendy.

Wear your graphic tee with a leather jacket and denim

Graphic Tee with a blazer

Graphic tee with a leather jacket, skirt and sneakers make a chic outfit

Looks great with wide-legged pants, heels and a denim jacket

You can also layer it with a long cardi

Another way to rock this staple piece is to wear it over a turtleneck.  Add some gold accessories like chunky chain necklace to bring this look together.

Hope you find some inspiration on ways to style a graphic tee so that you will be able to make chic outfits out of everyday basics.

Jeulia Halloween Sale 2020 – Skull Jewelry

It is officially the best time of the year with the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice latte whiffing through the air and cozying up in flannels.  This means that Halloween is almost here, well, about a month away to be precise. This is the time of the year where adults can’t wait to dress up in their favorite characters and party away.  Have you got your costume already? Whether you are wearing a Halloween costume or fancy a dress or simply celebrating occasion by adding a little Halloween touch to an everyday dress, then there are plenty of options for adding some jewelry as a finishing touch.

Trick or treat yourself to the most unique Halloween jewelry from Jeulia, a leading online jewelry retailer with a wide selection of stylish and high quality jewelry.  It has never been easier to find jewelry so cute it is spooky. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite Halloween symbol or represent your favorite candy, Jeulia is here to help you trick-or-treat-yourself!

Halloween is all about yourself because everyone has a touch of adventurer in them.  Scary and spooky Halloween jewelry is a lot of fun.  Black cats, skull jewelry, ghosts are all part of this fun theme that everyone loves this holiday season.


Dress up your outfit with a cat pin or some skull rings on October 31st and you can fit right in without having to wear a costume if you do not feel like getting one. Halloween earrings are also fun pieces of jewelry to wear. Get into the spirit with owls and gothic accessories.
Jeulia Floral Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Jack Skull Ring
Celebrate in style when you choose Jeulia’s Halloween themed jewelry. Their stylish and affordably priced range is amazing and anyone can afford a fun that piece that is perfect for celebration.
Jeulia Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas Sterling Silver Ring

From owls to snakes, silver skull rings like this Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas silver ring is a must! Tap in to that creepy Halloween vibe with this spooky and fun collection to match your outfit.

If rings are not enough, get yourself a pair of gorgeous Pumpkin Skull sterling silver earrings. This will elegantly show off your love of all things spooky!


Whether rings or necklace complete your Halloween look, Jeulia can help you make the perfect statement. With so many options to pick from there is bound to be the perfect item for everyone.

Essential Bags From Zara That You Need This Fall

From the hands-free crossbody bag to totes, there are the classic bag styles every woman should have in her closet.  Every season has its new collection of IT bags and the options can be rather overwhelming.  There were bucket bags and itty bitty micro-minis that dominated the trends not too long ago.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the many shopping options, here are the key types of bags every woman should have in her wardrobe for this season and beyond.


Shoulder bag with flap from Zara

The classic shoulder bag, once the main handbag of the ’90s, is back with a vengeance. It is an easy bag to hold, can go over the shoulder, in your hand, or clutch for a night out.

Image 1 of from Zara

Quilted denim crossbody from Zara

Crossbody bags are popular because of their hands-free appeal. Just throw one across your body and forget about struggling to carry both your grocery paper bags and phone at the same time.

Image 1 of FABRIC TOTE BAG from Zara

Fabric flat tote from Zara

The oversized tote bags accessorize well when paired with everyday pieces like loose fitting trousers or a midi skirt. Perfect for all your window shopping or grocery store run.

Jewelry Trend You Need For Fall 2020

It always feels good to refresh your wardrobe whenever the new season has arrived. It is especially true after months of wearing practically nothing in the summer heat. When the temperature starts to drop, it is time for the real clothes to be worn. This may mean snagging a fab sweater to wear with mid-length skirt now and trousers later or a pair of new boots.  The same treatment should also be given to your jewelry wardrobe. It is time to say goodbye to summer baubles like wooden bangles and deck yourself out with bolder pieces.

Right now, we are talking about big sparkling crystals, statement pieces around the neck, and jewelry for your jeans. Intrigued? Click through to look at some of the top fall jewelry trends seen on the runways earlier this year.  These pieces are simple enough to master on the daily and evergreen enough to justify a little splurge here and there.

80’s Statement Earrings

Swap your layered dainty earrings with these big sphere shapes.  Go big or don’t bother.

Oversized gold plated crystal clip earrings from net-a-porter.

Gold Chokers

This time around, the choker trend looks a little different. Opt for a heavy metal version that sits right at the collarbone. It looks chic with basically everything and can be the one piece of jewelry you need to finish the look.

Golden Collar Necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane.

Chain Belts

These are like a necklace but for your waist. Try a chain belt on with just about anything, from jeans to a black dress or a breezy maxi dress.

Layered chain belt from Freepeople.com


Pearls have made a major comeback in the past season and do not seem to be heading anywhere anytime soon. Try layering them in various lengths for Fall or pairing different pearl shapes together.

Roxanne Assoulin Imitation Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace from Shopbop.