Watch TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards Presentation Online

The TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards Presentation was held last night.  I am so happy that my favorite actor, Wayne Lai has won the Best Actor award for his portrayal as “Chai Gau” in the drama Rosy Business.  Sheren Tang took home the Best Actress award last night and Rosy Business is the Best Series.  Yay!!!  Congratulations to all the winners.  Have you watched this show yet?  If you haven’t, hurry and go watch it.  I just watched it online just a while ago.  All the actors and actresses were dressed to the nines.  The ladies were clad in beautiful gowns and the men wore smart tuxedos.  Some were more flamboyant like Moses and Ron Ng. I think they would look better in tuxedo vest. Here are some photos of the Red Carpet.

Moses Chan


Fala Chen and Michael Tse


Roger Kwok with Lisa Wang

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